Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crazy P Live at the Electric Pickle (Miami, FL)

Hello, Lover.

I was talking to the chocolate, not you, invisible internet friend. Sorry I'm not sorry but I was totally having a moment with the biggest box of chocolates I have ever laid my eyes on. And it was beautiful. So beautiful that I ate like 10 of those pieces of chocolate that weren't even mine (woops?) And then demanded my co-worker document said beautiful moment.

But you know what's even more beautiful? Live music that is released via Soundcloud when you're really bummed that a band/DJ/producer didn't come to DC, but went to a few other places.

So here's a live set from Crazy P (!!!!) when they made a stop in Miami, Florida at The Electric Pickle. It's 70 minutes of pure dance party goodness (holy half-way mark - funky dance parties ensues!!!), and that my friends, is one thing that (unfortunately) chocolate can't give me.

Crazy P Live @ The Electric Pickle, Miami, Florida (Wolf + Lamb Radio) - 05-11-2011 by R_co

And yes, I'm still totally in love with Danielle Moore's heavenly voice. And typing Crazy P, and saying it in my head still totally makes me giggle.

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