Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dance Party Education!

This post is dedicated to tracks I'm loving right now. One of my favorite things (albeit tedious) to do is track out mixes when they don't have a track list. In some weird, twisted way it makes me feel like I've accomplished something (full disclosure: it doesn't take much) when I can recognize a track from an old mix, and then I turn to whoever is standing next to me exclaiming, "OMG. I LOVED THIS TRACK WHEN IT WAS PLAYED _____ by _______ in their ______ mix. REMEMBER?" Seriously. Everyone looooves standing next to me at shows.

I know, I need new hobbies. But it's pretty much the only thing I have going for me. This is how I make friends - I share music I love and bribe people with cookies. You'd be surprised at how many friends you make by simply whipping up some baked goods and turning on some serious tunes.

And at DPC if we can post mixes we truly enjoy, and let you know what we LOVE about a particular mix, it helps everyone recognize more tracks, and gets you familiar with artists, DJs, and producers. It's pretty overwhelming to get bombarded with tons of mixes (hence why we've slowed down a bit), and find yourself wanting more, or loving a certain track but not knowing where to start.

Dance Party Education: Because sometimes you're too lazy to find new tracks to become obsessed with. So yea. Pull out that pen and paper, put on your glasses (I have mine on, too!) and let's get educated. I've listed below where I've heard the tracks, but you've probably seen them in other mixes... enjoy the commentary with the tracks because I can't. shut. up. ever.

You're welcome.

So tell me, what's on repeat in your neck of the woods?
I'm seriously obsessed with the Zimmer track that's posted second. And the Matthew Kyle track. SO. Freaking. Good.

Featured in Magic Tape 16 - le sigh. I'm in love with this. I just thought everyone should know that little bit of information and you should be in love with this track, too.
Gigamesh - Red Light (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

Featured in Mirror People's latest mini mix - Such a happy song. Great track to open up a mix with, not too fast, not too slow. Just right. (TWSS?)
Zimmer - Looking At You by Zimmer

Featured in Spencer Lokken's mix comprised of edits - Genius foundation for a mixtape, SERIOUSLY people. Can't wait to see OL throwdown in January at U Hall. It's also 3 days before my 25th birthday. I'm slightly scared, I should probably read this again.
Matthew Kyle - Toni (Night Light EP - HoD002) by Matthew Kyle/In The Woods

Featured in Ichisan's guest mix for DPC - LOVE LOVE LOVE this spacey tune. Give me more.
Royksopp - This Space by Hypetrak

Featured in Magic Tape 7 - One of my fave tracks. Ever. Hands down. And Aeroplane dropped this track at U hall in April this past year and I got so excited I am pretty sure I dropped a full beer on the ground.
Poolside - Do You Believe by Poolside Music

This is the epitome of my happy song. I can't help but get a huuuuuuuge smile on my face and dance parties ensue when this track gets dropped. I loved it when Drop Out did a mash-up between this and the track, "Finally" in their mix for The Ambitious C. Drop Out really can do no wrong. Clearly.

Hmm and I just love this deep house remix that Art Department did for this song. My favorite way to listen to this song? When I'm in the midst of a cardio dance party at the gym or outside. Hello, motivation.
Hungry For The Power (Art Department Remix) by Turbo Recordings

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