Monday, November 14, 2011

DPC Guestmix Series 04: Coltrane

Mondays do not always have to be that dreaded first day of the week where you find yourself slung shot back into the “real world” after a weekend of rowdy dance partying. Sometimes your DPC friends can do you a solid and serve up some hot new mixes. And sometimes our friends hit us with something exclusive just for you all. It just so happens to be one of those days.

This fourth installment of the Dance Party Chronicles GuestMix Series comes by way of Cole “Coltrane” Swatek-Carbone out of Norwalk, Connecticut. Coltrane has a way of creating a airy but body moving atmospheres with his blend of NuDisco, Space Disco, and House (as you’ll soon hear for yourself). Our new friend has been turning dance floors into zero gravity dance parties around the Northeast. If you find yourself in the area and in need of some self described “Music for You Body”, you can probably find him playing with the likes of Future rock,New York City Hustler Ensemble, or The Malah.

Until then, let's check out what Mr. Coltrane has put together fo us over at DPC. I don’t want to spoil all the workings of this mix too much for you all. But to give you an idea of what’s in store, I’ll say you had better put on your moonboots, because though it opens light and fun, by the midpoint, Coltrane has blasted us deep into space. He’s got great command of the tracks with slick mixing and deft use of filters. Expect to take a journey to the cosmos and back with this one; and most importantly expect to want to dance during the entire ride!

If want to catch man at work for yourself, he’s got gigs coming up at Stella Blues (New Haven, CT) on November 24 and the Phish Afterparty at The Irish Times (NYC).

Check his FaceBook page to stay up to dateon upcoming shows and events. Hit up the SoundCloud and check more of his mixes and productions. And show some Twitter love with a follow.

Now go enjoy the damn mix!

Download Here


1. 90 (Korablove Remix) - Pompeya
2. Touch The Sky (Eddie Mars Remix) - Name In Lights
3. Sunflare - Moullinex
4. Do The Washing Machine feat. Lavinia Claws (Original Mix) - Rodion, Golden Bug
5. El Toro (Italo Dub) - Cosmonauts
6. Blood Stud (Ray Mang Remix) - Martin Brodin & Dumb Dan
7. Animal (Wildstyle Version) Heko
8. No Static (Main Version) - Bottin
9. Recovery Measures (Hannulelauri Remix) - Processory
10. Snooze 4 Love (Original Mix) - Todd Terje
11. We Have Disco - Groove U & Room 4 Space
12. Sun Up - Francis Inferno Orchestra
13. Bass Face (Hemingway Space Party Mix) - Cyclist
14. Everywhere (Summer Of Love Edit) - Psychemagik

**Thanks and much love from the DPC crew for doing this mix for us Coltrane!

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