Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mid-Day Disco Dance Party, Round VIII

Hypothetically speaking, what will a weekend in Blacksburg, VA do to a healthy, 24 year-old Asian girl? I don't know exactly; perhaps she has been recovering for the last two days? Most normal people wouldn't go completely nuts at the fact that all drinks were less than $5.00, including whiskey gingers that were ONLY $3.00. Do you know what that means to said Asian girl? One word: Trouble.

It could also mean that said Asian girl woke up with cookies in her purse. Hypothetically speaking, that is. Because who doesn't buy cookies from the college kids on the side of the street at midnight?! #hypotheticalasiangirlproblems

Since this is all hypothetical, let's just pretend that the last few days said Asian girl has been cleaning. Recovering. Baking. Recovering. Writing. Recovering.

So maybe said Asian girl shouldn't drink two days in a row, but maybe she is trying to make it up to her favorite invisible internet friends with a very funked out, straight up soulful disco party! You know, a Mid-Day DDP for when you need a pick-me-up but don't want coffee, or after you've eaten lunch and want to take a nap under your desk.

This particular mix is from Mr. Mendel, a 24 year-old DJ from from Amsterdam. He started spinning hiphop and gained a residency at Freakin Ill, a nightclub in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam. Soon after, his job at Waxwell Records opened him up to a world of funk, disco, soul and his love for vinyl - something very evident in his mixes. (source).

I stumbled on this "Discology" mix about a month ago and Mr. Mendel described it perfectly as a "high-energy mix of classics and more unknown tracks, exploring the world of disco. It takes you on a trip through soul, classic disco, boogie, afro-disco & p-funk."

I am freaking obsessed with the track that drops at 6:40 that is the epitome of funky, and its name is even "Funk You Up" by The Sequence. How ironic, right? Around the 14 minute mark, People's Choice "Do It Any Way You Wanna" makes an entrance, whose sampling you may recognize from Escort's "Cocaine Blues" song that has popped up in mixes before. I don't want to completely give away the entire mix, but while listening to it, I guarantee many songs will be familiar and you'll find yourself nodding your head to the soulful, funky vibes. On a side note, I found it very interesting to listen to more of the "old school" disco, and realize how nu disco is obviously different, but you can still understand where its roots come from.

And there's my .02 for the day. Let's all be glad that the hypothetical Asian girl is recovered, and get right to the dance party!

Discology by Mr. Mendel

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