Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mid-Day Disco Dance Party, Round II

Have you ever been really busy? Where you feel like you're doing a million things at once? I'm probably the queen of multi-tasking.

To give you an idea, last night I had about 7 different windows open on my computer, not including four half-written emails I had open in Outlook or the million red flags that were and still are next to emails that I need to get to, woops. I had 6 tabs open on my Firefox. And three of them may or may not be mixes I'm hoarding from you guys. And don't get me started with how many excel sheets or word documents I had open. I'm surprised my computer didn't crash (I did have to re-boot my computer once or twice yesterday though).

Times like those call for mixes where you can literally pop in your headphones, and slowly tackle each task. Cause yea, guess who was still at work at 7:30 last night? I guess it's my own fault. The Twelves tomorrow night. A work happy hour Thursday. Identity Festival this Friday. I'm a busy woman.

I was really excited when Wolf+Lamb put out an mp3 for a Slow Hands live set this past weekend. When I went to stalk my one of my faves on Soundcloud on Sunday night, I realized there was ANOTHER Slow Hands mix. I started a Google Doc awhile ago that I try and track out playlists, and write what I'm thinking when I'm listening to the mix. I'd like to think it makes me a "better writer". Geez.

Exhibit A:

*starts out slow, with a song, “one self” by blue bird remixed.
*22:40 starts to get deeper...heard before
*24'ish minutes a straight up dance party begins - What is this?!
* 27’ish in, Zapp’s “I can make you dance” begins to get funky
35 mins - Tensnake “Something about you”
1 hr 42 minutes, fantasy - breakbot! <3<3

And yes, those are hearts by the Breakbot "Fantasy" mix. I'm a girl, remember? I can do shit like that.

What's your favorite go-to mix or artist when you're working?
Sometimes I really like full-on dance parties, but sometimes a chilled-out downtempo mix is all I need. I loved listening to Thievery Corporation when I was studying in college!

Slow Hands - Diesel Japan Mix - August 2011 by R_co

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