Friday, August 12, 2011

Lou Teti Knows the Way...

Lou Teti, has a new EP primed and ready to drop on August 15. “I Know the Way” is the title track and is accompanied by remixes from a few “Tigers on a Leash” label mates. Teti has been kind enough to let us preview it (in full) on his Soundcloud. His low tempo disco original is great (especially the opening guitar riff and dirty synth drop!). But I am Toomy Disco fan, and his up-tempo remix brings the NuDisco heat! Cassian provides a good interpretation of the track, and as a bonus it’s available as a free download. Last, but certainly not least, Generatto offers a untzy tape dub version. All are good, and I am looking forward to grabbing this release when it drops. Enjoy!

[TOAL 003] - I Know the Way by LouTeti/Tigers on a Leash

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