Thursday, January 31, 2013

DPC Local Disco Showcase: DJ Smudge

What can we say about Lucas “Smudge” that hasn’t been said about [notable infamous socialite]...

"Maryland born turned into a man by the sounds of the city..."  Lucas, DJ Smudge is an enigma shrouded in cigarette smoke, behind a beard that would make Rick Ross raise an eyebrow. Behind the booth however, one thing is quite clear, the man exudes uncut, infectious party energy. It’s apparent in his style, selection, and reflected in the way crowds feed off him. Smudge gets around. He holds residencies at a number DC's favorite dance music locals: Eighteenth Street Lounge,  Velvet Lounge, Dodge City, and Saint-Ex. And whether it’s 90’s jammers, Rock, Disco, or Indie-Dance hits, the dude has a knack for leaving his mark on the party. -I’ve heard it referred to as being“smudged”- It’s the potential for a “smudging,” his deftness on the decks, and affinity for Disco that's got DPC excited (and slightly worried) to have him on the bill for the DC Disco Showcase/DPC relaunch party at U Street Music Hall next week.

Let’s dive into Smudgetown. This “End of Summer” mix is sonic collage of sounds that range “...from sultry to bouncy to reflective to groovin...”

And/or get “Smudged

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