Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Morning Mix!

Top of the morning to you all!


Who am I kidding? It's Monday, it's early, and if you had a dirty disco dancing filled weekend like I're probably in the need of a little pick me up. Well I can't buy you all Trenta [insert convoluted Starbucks order here], but I can offer a laid-back mix to ease in the start of week. So, this week's Monday Morning Mix comes courtesy of SleazyBeats, with their "Music For Serious Jogging Vol. 4". From the jump you get some lovely Beatdown Disco, then watch out for a few Disco-House tracks here and there. By the midway point, the mix dives head first into some Deep House, and closes out deep and sexy. I enjoyed this one start to finish. (Sorry no tracklist at the moment, and I wasn't familiar with most of them.) Hopefully by the time you reach the end of the mix, your caffeine will have kicked in enough to have you ready to kick the rest of Monday's ass!

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