Friday, August 5, 2011

Mix of the Week??

End of the day project for you all. If we haven't exhausted you already, this should help close out the rest of your day.

Alright, Becca (aka "bakemau5") shared some really great mixes this week. She's like a DJ mix bloodhound or something. There are two in particular that I can't get enough of:

Drop Out Orchestra's August Mix Session

**The August Mix was taken down, and they have their mixes via Download available on their Soundcloud**


Moonlight Matters - In The Mix FM Mixtape by Moonlight Matters

Both are fantastic and guaranteed to get you moving. The question is: If you had to put one on repeat for rest week, which one would you pick?
I'm stuck..So, I want to know what you dancing machines think. Which do you prefer? And why?

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1 comment:

  1. That Drop Out Orchestra mix was played at my house all weekend. Perfect mix!
    --thatmattkid via r/nudisco