Friday, April 27, 2012

The Babel Orchestra - Golden Mix

I don’t like being told what to do normally, but when the vocal sample on Shep’n Willy’s “Hefty Done Me Right” emphatically told me to “DANCE,” there was no argument to be had.
That’s what we do here at DPC - partly, anyway. Just as much as we enjoy getting our groove on, we like to party, and then there’s the ever so -please turn off your sarcasm detectors- eloquent chronicling.

Speaking of, let’s talk about this weekend:

D.C. has a double dipping of disco dance parties. Friday’s “Disco in the Dark” was the second installment of Mr. Bonkerz’ monthly get-downery at The BlackCat. This time, we have a special serving of the Connecticut-based trio, Business Casual Disco (Coltrane, Norrin and Skeeba). Saturday will be the BLISSful return of Chi-town trio, Orchard Lounge, with support, yet again, from the Bonk Man - Can we say, “Bonkz’s been a busy boy”? - That'll be going down at DPC’s whiskey dispensary, U Street Music Hall.

*The amount of alliteration in the previous paragraph was not intended

Alright, back to today’s musical offering (I’ll keep things minimal for those of us who haven’t recovered from Thursday night Happy Hour just yet):

After the jump...

The Babel Orchestra is a Belgian duo consisting of Jim Adam (Lullabies in the Dark, Permanent Vacation) & Cedric Gilbert's. We're listening to their Golden Mix today. There’s House, there’s Disco, there’s Disco-House. It’s bouncy here, funky there, and danceable all round. Without a doubt, I can say it’s dance party material through and through, but make sure you are especially tuned in when Babel gets into Guilty Pleasures’ “Girl Trouble” (Very Stylish Mix). It’s another track commanding us to dance, and I’m still not arguing. Over a driving space bass, we get “Safety Dance” spelled out in robo voice boss-ness; meanwhile the beep-boopy melody, a la Men Without Hats, tops off this super rad shout-out to the classic dance floor anthem.

Alright folks, we’ve Danced, Partied; and Chronicled.



Shep'n'willy aka Jay Shepheard & Tad Willy "Hefty done me right" (Tad willy dub cut)
Kraak & Smaak feat Lex Empress "Hold back love" (Lovebirds instrumental)
Neighbour "Purple lights" (original mix)
Whoohoo "Caterpilar" (DeMarzo remix)
Rhyze "Just how sweet is you love" (Walker & Royce touch)
Mr Jelly "feel it"
P@d "Le lapin magique" (The frost remix)
James curd "Guide me" (Al White remix)
Hiem & Phil Oakey "2am" (Fernando and Toomy Disco Remix)
Philosophy of Sound "Freedom, What For" (A.N.D.Y Remix)
Lazercat "heartbeat" (Phunktastike Remix)
Guilty Pleasures "Girl Trouble" (Very Stylish mix)
Kaine feat Kathy Diamond "Love Saves The Day" (More Piano Instrumental)

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