Monday, April 23, 2012

Disco Tech - April Beatdown Mix

The District has had its fair share of disco dance parties (DDPs) this past month and I would be lying if I said it hasn't been awesomely exhausting.

Friday night was nothing short of amazing as Beautiful Swimmers, Tiger & Woods, and Tim Sweeney had the U Street Music Hall moving until 3am. It was one of those times where I stood there danced in awe of how much talent the duo of Tiger & Woods showcased from the start to finish of their set. I was in dance party heaven as they dropped track after track, causing me to exclaim, "YES, I LOVE THIS TRACK!" while spinning in circles and jumping up and down.

To say the least, this month April has been a beat down for this DPC crew member in the form of dance parties, whiskey and debauchery.

It's Monday now, and I have a hard time listening to rowdy dance music when I'm hungover or tired;  so Disco Tech's April Beatdown Mix could not come at a better time. To keep things to the point: it's chock full of soulful tracks that had my head nodding in approval from start to finish. Around 5 and a half minutes in, Sleazy Beats recordings slowmo track, "Women Don't Want to Love Me", by Modsleep, kicked in, and later transitions beautifully into the  LTJ's rework, "Light".

I've come to the conclusion that LTJ Xperience has some of the best edits/reworks out there in the DDP world, as evidenced by the "Happiness" track that drops at the 9 minute mark. The bassline at 25 minutes in is reminiscent of a track I've heard in a David August mix. Same with the the track at 34 minutes in (if anyone can ID - please let me know) which is almost too funky for me to handle! At the 37:15 minutes, "Slow Days" by Sunner Soul transitions in and I found myself wishing my headphones had better sounding  bass to do it justice. The track was just released on April 17th on Vintage heads up, DJ friends - I'm going to pester one of you until I hear it played out somewhere ;).

So this is the part where I shut up and tell you to listen to the dang mix because you need this in your life. Here's to a new week, more dance parties on the horizon, and not forgetting to close my tab out this weekend!

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