Monday, January 23, 2012

Speakerbot - Lounging Like a Bot

Today is one of the first Monday's in F O R E V E R where I feel completely refreshed - you know - alive, awake, alert AND enthusiastic. You probably either: think that you've come to the wrong blog, OR: want to punch me in the face because you are feeling the exact opposite. Sorry I'm not sorry, but please don't punch me in the face.

This past weekend was totally a re-charge weekend after a few un-charging, alcohol-induced, dance party weekends. It may surprise you to hear that I like balance (hello, rarely exhibit self control when I go out). I like things nice. I like... well, perfection. So, I took some time off this weekend to do really fun things; laundry, a trip to the Newseum (!!!), casual music listening from the comfort of my bed, and coming into work on Sunday.

^ worst nightmare: lots of numbers. excel sheets. and things I probably don't understand.

Whenever conference time rolls around at my work, my alter-ego that loves whiskey and all things Jagermeister seems to go out the window and productive, responsible, balanced Becca comes out to play. On Friday, in the midst of stressing out completely (dramatic much?), I started a new mix by Speakerbot, "Lounging Like a Bot", and it was Just. What. I. Needed.

All freaking weekend.

I listened to it at my desk. In my room on Saturday while cleaning. On my way to work on Sunday. In my cubicle on Sunday with the speakers on full-blast, only to have a co-worker walk into the office, too, wondering where the music was coming from (woops).

Basically, I'm obsessed. I loved the guest mix he did for us, and this 60 minute deep house mix is no different. One of my favorite drops is around the 16 minute mark with an edit of a familiar song (I think?) that meshed some funky soulful vibes with deep house. That's baby making music right there, btw.

And holy 23 minutes in (!!!) We recognized the Marvin Gaye samples, but after consulting Speakerbot, it's confirmed the song I was obsessed with is Hectik Rivero's "I Feel Fine".

I'm more partial to the half-way mark and on because spoiler alert: HUGE dance parties, rowdiness, and head bobbing will occur. This only makes me more antsy and hopeful that a Speakerbot will grace DC with his presence, sooner rather than later! So, pop this in today, and get your week started right with this mix ;)

Lounging like a Bot by Speakerbot

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