Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Drop Out Orchestra- Winter Sunshine MiniMix

Its no secret.  Winter is by far my least favorite season.  Its cold, it gets dark early, snow makes people drive like morons (more so than normal), and everyone is sick.  Like me.  I've been sick since Monday but have been too busy at work to stay home or go see a doctor.  Well its either that or the fact that I hate going to the doctor and thought I could beat it on my own.  The thing that ticks me off is, I actually took it easy this weekend and rested.  Of course the one weekend I decide to be healthy and responsible, I end up getting ill.  I guess that's the way she goes.

Any-who, last night Drop Out Orchestra put out a Winter Sunshine MiniMix that helped shine through the gray clouds of winter and warm me right up.  Its only a half hour long but contains some really good material.  It kicks off with DOO's remix of Lou Teti's new track "Shake."  I really like the original track, but as usual, I end up liking Drop Outs' remix even more.  I really enjoyed the 5th track on the mix, which was Gigamesh's remix of  "City Full Of Lights" by Alexander Holland.  The next track on the mix made me laugh.  It is titled "I Was Made to Norse."  I knew immediately it was going to be some sort of remix of Todd Terje's "Insepector Norse."  After all, it has been on every single mix I have listened to since it was released. When I heard the familiar analog synth licks at the beginning of the song, my suspicions were confirmed.  What happens next is what made me laugh.  The track isn't really a remix, but rather the original track with samples from Kiss's "I Was Made for Loving You" dubbed over. Some people may consider this the equivalent of electronic music heresy (because lets be honest, its impossible to improve upon this song), but I thought it was humorous and creative.  The last track "Dirty Diana" made me think we were going to get a DOO touch on the Michael Jackson song.  However it turned out to be a mix between Oliver's new track "Dirty Talk" and Diana Ross's classic song "Upside Down." This was definitely interesting and unexpected. What this mix lacks in length, it certainly makes up for in originality. 

Winter Sunshine MiniMix by Drop Out Orchestra
01. Lou Teti - Shake (Drop Out Orchestra Reloaded)
02. Late Nite Tuff Guy - I Don't Like Acid
03. This Is a Recording - Southern Neon Lights (Gazeebo's Northern Funk Remix)
04. Mike Salta - Escape From Rico Bay (Drop Out Orchestra Club Cut)
05. Alexander Holland - City Full Of Lights (Gigamesh Remix)
06. I Was Made To Norse
07. Rodion and Khan - Discoteca Romana (feat. Andrea) (The C90s remix)
08. Dirty Diana

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