Thursday, January 26, 2012

Space Ranger - January Mix

It was tough deciding what to write about for my post today. January has been kicked off with an abundance of heaters and this week especially has seen all sorts or jam ridden mixes. Maybe there will be a mixtape grab bag this weekend to make sure you all are caught up...

Anyway, I always seem to forget the “Chronicles” part of this whole DPC thing, and usually just dive straight into to whatever mix has me in dance party mode. But I’m a little giddy today because later this evening, at our usual spot, the lovely Ms. Maya Jane Coles (“Ms.” for now; we’re soon to wed, though she may not know it yet) will be letting loose some deep house flavor on the District. The event is all courtesy of Blisspop, and features Blisspop selectors and DPC friends: Chris Nitti & Lxsx Frxnk. This one has deep and sexy written all over it! The trick will be to get enough liquid courage (a.k.a whiskey) in me summon the balls to propose to Ms.Coles; and hopefully not get kicked out the venue. If you are in the area, be sure to come check it out (Free before 11 p.m.!), buy me a drink, have a dance, and prevent me from making a fool of myself!

Blisspop pres. MAYA JANE COLES w/ Chris Nitti & Lxsx Frxnk at U Hall

Enough with the inane rantings of a hopeless dance floor romantic…Let’s jump into mix. As I mentioned before, there were exactly too many to choose from. So I decided to go with was one that I felt didn’t get as much love/plays as it very well deserves. I’m thinking it just got lost in the wave of mixes that were released early on this week. This one just so happens to come from one of my absolute favorites, the Germany based trio:

This came from their press kit...I had to use it!
Today’s offering is self labeled as “Deep Hypno Disko”. Yup, it is indeed deep and entrancing. Flavors vary from House, NuDisco, and Disco-House; all smooth and sexy. I was about to list a few of the jammers I particularly enjoyed, but realized it encompassed most of the damn mix. Let’s just say Pete herbert & Golden fleece - The Bells of Hackney immediately grabbed my attention, and the mix didn't let up till its conclusion. (Oh, and Calor & Mike Gill - Carte Blanche is pretty dirty too!) I was hoping to hear some their stuff in the mix, but there’s no love lost as this it had me in the zone throughout. I commented about looking forward to some new stuff from Space Ranger and apparently they “were quite busy, had a release on Greenskeepers Music, did a couple of remixes and have another release on lovemonk coming up next month”. Well alright...I can live with that!


  1. death on the balcony - them 3 words/
  2. pete herbert & golden fleece - the bells of hackney
  3. cera alba - runaway/
  4. marc vexar - burlesque
  5. martin dawson - think about it
  6. maxxi sound system - there's no love
  7. wildkats - perpetrating/
  8. calor & mike gill - carte blanche
  9. maceo plex - under the sheet
  10. viadira - better ( atro mwambe mix)
  11. dirty channels - give it to me
  12. catz n' dogz - no days
  13. the phantom - ockhams razor

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