Monday, January 16, 2012

DPC Guest Mix Series 08: Trev-Ski

Good morning DPCers! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We certainly did! Our weekend was filled with some Epcot Dance Parties (and whiskey of course). We saw Volta Bureau and Rory Phillips on Friday night at U-Hall, and on Saturday Remote Ctrl and Mr. Bonkerz threw down some DDBs (Disco Dance Beats) at Becca's Birthday celebration.

Now its time to get back to work (for those of us who don't have MLK Day off). Luckily we have our first Guest Mix of 2012 from local DC DJ Trev-ski to help you make it through your Monday. I met Trevor at U Street Music Hall before Metro Area and really like the music he spins. Check out his Soundcloud page for exclusive edits, mixes, and live sets. The guest mix he put together is full of Nu-Disco and few old-school disco tracks. I think you're really going to enjoy. Big thanks to Trev for taking the time to make a mix for us and answer a few questions. Make sure you watch the YouTube video at the end, its good for a laugh.

DPC: How did you get into DJing?

Trev: I got into DJing through my best friend Tim, who works over at Joe's Record Paradise in Silver Spring. He introduced me to collecting records 15 years ago or so. That in turn, turned into me wanting to DJ. When I first started to collect records I was into Rock, Jazz, and Hip Hop. Eventually I started to get into more styles of music as my appreciation for music developed more. Its an addiction. I still buy records all the time and will never stop.

DPC: Can you tell us a little about Capitol City Disco? Will this be a monthy party?

Trev: Yes. Capitol City Disco is a monthly party at Mig Bar in Adams Morgan (DC) I was invited to do with Ed Metaphysical. Ed is a great Producer/DJ / DJ/Producer (haha i dont know what he would put first) that became friends with me through soundcloud. We talked about doing a party in D.C. and he got a night for us at Mig. Its on the second Friday of every month and its Free. So if you wanna see some dope DJ's playing great music. Come join us then!

DPC: What is your favorite kind of music to play to people?

Trev: Super hard question to answer. I like to play Disco, Funk, Deep House, Nu-Disco and Edits I make. My favorite of all at the moment would be Deep House. I just really love mixing it and trying different things with it live. There is so much good music coming out right now in the genre too!

DPC: What are some of your favorite artists and tracks right now?

Trev: Some of my favorite artist at the moment are Kerri Chandler, Matthew Kyle, Joseph Terruel, Alphabet City, Leftside Wobble, Social Disco Club, Katzuma, LeSale, Dave Allison , Andy Ash, Nicholas, Nick Anthony Simoncino, Todd Terje, Soho 88, Munga, and Jacques Renault.

Some of my favorite tracks at the moment are. Munga - Make it Last , Nicholas - Many Shades of Blue , Alphabet City & Alkalino - Dolve la Disco, LeSale - Tempted , Tristan Dee - Doped Out.

DPC: DPC is all about dancing. Whats your favorite dance move?

Trev: My favorite dance move would have to be

Tiger & Woods - Dr. Burner
Aretha Franklin - Jump to It (Nelue Edit)
Katzuma - Life in the City
InnerWestSoul - People Everywhere
Andy Ash - Brown Label 12' - B2
Roberto Rodriguez - I Got
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
Kashif - I Just Gotta Have You (Ed Metaphysicals Throwdown Edit)
Billy Ocean - One of those Nights (MAM Edit)
Soul Clap - Shake Those Fries
Kool Dj Dust - Ancient Astronauts
Andy Ash - Freak
Charles Khaliq - Never Had a Love Like This
Andre Capado - Mighty Fine

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  1. I don't know if my favorite part about this weekend was witnessing you dropping Alex in the middle of the USMH's dance floor... or eating a birthday cake with my face!