Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The C90s- January Chart Mix

Well after a little bit of a hiatus, we are back for your dancing pleasure. I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready to own 2012 as much as Becca is. I have a feeling that it is going to be a great year. There are certainly a lot of DDPs on the horizon if you live in the DC area. First up is Orchard Lounge at U-Hall tonight with friend-of-the-blog, Mr. Bonkerz starting things off. It will surely be a great excuse to do some pelvic thrusts this Hump Day. Check out this great mix that Spencer and Bethany recently put up on their Soundcloud page to get you pumped.

Following an unseasonably warm period that lasted into January, it finally snowed here on Monday. Unfortunately it appears winter has arrived. I was hoping we could just skip winter and proceed right to spring (although I do like skiing and throwing snowballs at unsuspecting pedestrians). Anyway, the C90s released their monthly chart mix yesterday and it will keep you warm by keeping your blood pumping and your body jumping. It features some excellent new material and a couple of old favorites.

Epcot Ball or Giant Disco Ball Space Ship?
The mix kicks off with an excellent new track from Todd Terje's upcoming EP titled "Its the Arps." The song is called "Inspector Norse" and the EP will be out January 16. After a couple remixed tracks that focus on vocal melodies, the Jacques Renault Edit of Machines' "OTP Party Breaks #6" brings the energy level back up before the mix segues into The Swiss's "Double or Nothing." I have heard this track countless times but it never gets old. I feel like the best way to enjoy this track would be bumping it in a giant disco ball space ship that is hurtling through outer space, but hey, that's just me (and some people think I'm weird). Although I don't have time to comment on every track, I really enjoyed "The Ocean, The Sand, The Lorenzo" by Telephones. It starts coming in a little after 50 minutes in and features an incredible synthed out groove. Anyway, enjoy the mix and we hope to see some of you at U-Hall tonight!

January Chart Mix by TheC90s
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
Rodion - Discoteca Romana (The C90s Remix)
Friendly Fires - Hurting (Tensnake Remix)
OTP Party Breaks #6 - Machines (Jacques Renault Edit)
The Swiss - Double Or Nothing
Punks Jump Up - Get Down (Zero Cash Remix)
Oliver - Dirty Talk (Punks Jump Up Remix)
Parallel Dance Ensemble - Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
Tornado Wallace - Insect Overlords
Klic - Disco Music
MAM - Modern Heat
Telephones - The Ocean, The Sand, The Lorenzo
Stars on 33 - LUV
Pete Herbert & Golden Fleece - The Bells of Hackney
Psychemagik - Boogie Drome
Phenomenal Handclap Band - Give

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  1. Giant Disco Ball Space Ship..clearly...i think Daft Punk parked it at Epcot though.