Friday, January 13, 2012

Disco Tech - Rock The Disco

Oh, Hello there fellow Dance-aholics

If you’re like me, come Friday, I tend to have little Discoon the brain. Better yet, it’s in my soouuulll(*Don Cornelius Voice*). Seriously though, my addiction symptoms usually start with somefoot tapping, at around 108 BPM. Next comes the head nodding. And finally, the anxiety setsin because some mix is giving me the insatiable desire to get up and boogie, BUT it’s only noon: #DancePartyProblems

We need to start a research foundation or something…

Alright, well let’s get into what you came here for. The mix that’s currently triggering my Dance Party addiction symptoms today comes by way of DiscoTech. Fresh from his decks, this off-the-cuff mix is entitled Rock the Disco. Expect some classics, expect some stuff you may not be familiar but probably should be considered classic, and prep your ears for some super solid edits of both the former. The man is an expert technician when it comes to editing. So be absolutely sure to check out his work, and follow him on SoundCloud to stay up to date with his seemingly endless stream of sweet disco edits. No doubt in my mind that you all will thoroughly enjoy this mix; there’s funk, soul, and disco heat to kick off your weekend on a proper note…kick, snare,hi hat, or funky guitar lick(whatever works for you!).

No just focus on gettin' your groove on!

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