Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DPC Guestmix Series 06: Sir Charles

I love the beginning of new months. New months mean more mixes, more mixes mean more dance parties and more dance parties = happy Becca and DPC. I think what makes me most happy are the guestmixes. Call it selfish (uh, because it is) but I freaking love it when we have something exclusive for readers and listeners. It means it's only found on DPC and that means it's boss. Duh.

And because it's the start of a new month (hey, December!) and we want to get in that "holiday spirit", we have our 6th installment of our guestmix series. Because presents are awesome. And presents for your ears are even more awesome! Fortunately for everyone, this DJ furnished his own album art, so you don't have to stare at some type of "artistic drawing" that I made in paint. It's probably the most Internet Famous thing I'll ever do (Thank God), and strangers will forever think a Kindergartner was commissioned to draw it.

Sir Charles, (Charlie Buckley) a Richmond Native has been spinning forms of EDM for the last few years. Colorado has had its fill of Space Disco/Tech/Electro as Sir Charles can be found spinning at Mynt Lounge and Xbar in Denver. Most recently, Sir Charles was at a festival in Georgetown, Colorado. Unfortunately I have never caught him live because he ran off to the West Coast without saying goodbye - while people in DC/VA were waiting to see a show. This is on my to-do list next time I'm in Colorado or Sir Charles is in town (*hint hint*)

I can't really wrap my head around putting together a mix, so people who go ahead and make their own tracks, edits or remixes blow my mind. I'm not sure if it's jealousy (probably) or that people are just so freaking talented (this), but I love hearing people's interpretations to tracks. Sir Charles does his own remixing and edits of tracks, and I'm particularly fond of his remix of Chromeo's "Tendoroni".

It's a faster-paced, funked out version of the original:

Chromeo - Tenderoni (Sir Charles Remix) by Sir Charles

This mix, entitled "Las Hermanas" is full of energy and at the 10 minute mark, the mix starts to pick up pace with Aeroplane's "Save me Now" from his latest album, "In Flight Entertainment." Tyler and I actually listened to the mix on the way up to West Virginia this past weekend, and it was great for the car ride. I love Diskjokke, and was ecstatic when I saw the tracklist included him, and then freaked out as "Save me Now" segued into "Flott Flyt" at the 14 minute mark. So spacey and wonderful.

Another highlight of the mix is when Gigamesh's remix of "Pumped up Kicks" at 33 minutes. Our entire car started dance partying (and exclaiming how great of a track it was); the track was definitely played a few times at the cabin we were staying at for good measure. It's such a great track to play for novice disco lovers because it takes a well-known favorite and makes it super dancey. #winning

I'd never heard the Aeroplane remix of Grace Jones' "Williams Blood" and this is another huge reason why I am such a lover of mixes. There's always something to be exposed to, or find. Dance party education, ftw!

Download Here
1. Untitled

2. Discodromo feat. Hard-Ton - Build A House (Tensnake Remix) 

3. Visti and Meyland - Stars (Radion and Mamarella Mix) 

4. Aeroplane - Save Me Now

5. Diskjokke - Flott Flyt 

6. Kamp! - Cairo (Philosophy Of Sound Dub Remix) 

7. Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back 

8. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Simple Girl (Tiger & Woods Remix)

9. Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix) 

10. Grace Jones - Williams Blood (Aeroplane Remix) 

11. Stratus - Footprints 

12. Phoreski - 80's Boy

We can't thank Sir Charles enough for putting together this "Las Hermanas" mix for DPC. If you want to stay up to date with Sir Charles' upcoming dance parties; stalk him on Facebook, follow him on SoundCloud, or tweet the shit out of him on Twitter.

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