Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moonlight Matters - Studio Brussel's Switch/Playground mix 03

Well Monday started off a little bit rough for me when I came into work to find my headphones not working. Somehow I forgot my backup pair on Tuesday, so I have had two music-less workdays to start off the week. I made sure not to forget my headphones today and was excited to see Moonlight Matters had posted a new mix this morning. Moonlight Matters is a solo project of Belgian producer/DJ Sebastiaan Vandevoorde who is also a member of Villa (you may have heard of them). This mix was originally featured on the "Playground Show" of the Belgian radio station, Studio Brussel.

This mix starts of strong with 5 songs that I know and really have been enjoying lately. Volta Bureau's "Alley Cat" has started showing up in a bunch of mixes lately even though is came out over 6 months ago. It is such a great track and is from a trio of D.C. DJs, which makes it even better. I wasn't familiar with the 6th track or the artist that produced it (Guys in Venice) but really enjoyed it. Two of their tracks are actually featured in this mix so I think I will have to try and find out more about them. The segway into J Paul Getto's "Magic" is not only seamless but also HUGE! It made me half want to do extreme sports and half dance my pants off (which actually occured this past weekend). I enjoyed the Vanguard remix of The Ting Tings, "Hang It Up" but think I like the Shook Remix a little better. This leads into a track that makes the declaration "Gotta Have House!" I couldn't agree more. The track is the Moonlight Matters edit of Marshall Jefferson - "Move Your Body." The mix ends strong with a Moonlight Matters originial "Say A Lot". Overall this is a fantastic mix that featured a nice variety of material and some great mixing work. Check it out!

Moonlight Matters - Studio Brussel's Switch/Playground mix 03 by Moonlight Matters

1.Tornado Wallace - Rainbow Road
2.Oliver - Memories Of The Future
3.Volta Bureau - Alley Cat
4.Digitalism - Circles (Moonlight Matters Remix)
5.Startraxx - Step Into My Life Nu Disco Club Mix
6.2 Guys In Venice - Cookies
7.J Paul Getto - Magic
8.Justice - Helix
9.2 Guys In Venice - Beard And Butter
10. The Ting Tings - Hang it Up (Vanguard Remix)
11. Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (Moonlight Matters Powerhouse Edit)
12. James Curd feat. Devin Byrnes - Let's Burn It All
13. Roman D'Amour - Make Love Tonight (Lifelike Re-Edit)
14. Moonlight Matters - Say A Lot

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