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DPC Guestmix Series 07: Cooper Saver

We would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled program right now. Sorry we're not sorry, but you're probably:
  1. Lounging around at home
  2. Recovering from a post-holiday hangover (sugar, food, or alcohol induced - pick your poison, and if you say all three - well, that's just impressive)
  3. Trying to avoid family activities - so you're locking yourself in your room to read your fave blog, The Dance Party Chronicles
  4. All of the above.
And we'd like to ask you to turn your attention to the following important announcement. Because this announcement is more important than relaxation, recovery, other dance parties, family, or all of the above.

We have the final guestmix of 2011 for you. Right now. Today. Here. So read up, and listen.

You totally read that right. We've got another guest mix for you - just in time to close out 2011 - which proved to be an amazing year in music.

Every album reviewed, every concert attended where hipsters DID NOT DANCE (too many), every shot taken, every beer chugged, and every mix "chronicled" - it's tough to encompass all of that in one mix.

Fortunately, for all of us, we have someone who has basically done a lot of the hard work for us. Cooper Saver (uh.. remember when we featured him before in a Mid-Day DDP?!) was gracious to provide DPC with an exclusive mix full of gems of 2011 and some new tracks you need to get familiar with. #winning

The mix starts out with a summer-time favorite edit, "Juicy Fruit" by Dr. Dru & Adana Twins - the track makes me want to open up my imaginary sunroof and blare my stereo for strangers and pedestrians to enjoy - complete with dance moves. And after a quick glance at the tracklist, I'm sure all of you looked at Goldroom's remix of "Mother Protect" and squealed like a little girl. Trust me, I did too. I am so freaking obsessed with the track it's not even funny, and the segue from Cooper's own edit into it was very nice (hint: 7'ish minute mark).

To be completely honest, it's hard to go through an entire mix, and pinpoint every. little. thing. that I love (or I could and you'd want me to shut up), but this guestmix has had me going back through at numerous points and realizing that indeed, I loved each and every song. The deeper vibes around 18 minutes with Matt Fear's remix of "On the Road" comes to mind in particular. I've had friends drop the track before and let me tell you, there's nothing better than hearing that bassline thumping through a well-equipped sound system. Seriously, people!! It's amazing.

There's a little bit of everything packed into 64 minutes. From Rory Phillips' track at the 37 minute mark...Uh yea, hi, Rory Phillips, you make a mean remix, let's get married... I'm not creepy - to Runaway's take on Azari & III's deep house hit, "Hungry for the Power". Cooper Saver's mix has it all. Think of it as a nice reminder of all that 2011 had to offer - and more! #doublewinning

So! If you want to catch up on Cooper's upcoming gigs, new mixes, or stalk him, you should probably "like" him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, or get his updates via SoundCloud. I also should add, he does a lot of freelancing and has had a chance to interview tons of DPC favorites - I highly recommend checking out his website, for some awesome pictures/interviews/information!

And because we had so much fun interviewing Drop Out Orchestra about a month ago, we decided to ask Cooper a few questions. Please check out the interview below. Completely uncensored (ohhh!) and borderline hilarious (Uhmm, dubstep shouldn't be requested at shows, people!)

DPC: 2011 has been a great year of albums, mixes, concerts and singles. What's your favorite album of 2011, mix, concert and single?

Favorite album = Holy Ghost! self titled.
Favorite mix = I had Poolside's "Day" mix on repeat all summer, so I'll go with that.
Favorite concert = Cut Copy at Coachella was amazing, but seeing Midnight Magic a few months ago ruled...hard to say!
Favorite single = That would be a battle between Azari & III "Manic" vs Crazy P "Open For Service."

DPC: You contribute a ton to the LA-based blog,, how did your passion for sharing DDPs with others start? And when did you decide to start to delve into your own music?

CS: It just happened on its own a long time ago. When I was in school my friends would always ask me if I had any new music to recommend, so I figured why not start a blog. You won't be able to find that blog anymore, but I ended up getting into it and posting for other sites up to the present time. UhOhDisco has been a lot of fun and I've been fortunate enough to have the flexibility to post whatever I like; Stephen is the man. I didn't really understand the whole DJ thing when I was blogging 5 years ago, but it happened quickly and sort of took over. It seemed like a natural progression at the time and it became a lot more than just a hobby. The next step is definitely spending more time on finishing my own music.

DPC: While DJing, what's the funniest "request" you've had?

CS: Oh this is a good one. Over the summer I had two young guys come up to the booth and get a little overly aggressive toward me because I ignored their extremely strong desire for some dubstep, and the bouncer had to get them away for my safety haha. I don't DJ with a computer, so I couldn't have pleased them even if I wanted to. But that was more of a threat than a request! Luckily I don't get that too often.

DPC: If you find yourself in the middle of a huge dance party, what are you holding in your hand (drink wise)? And what's your signature dance move?

CS: I could lie and say something very classy, but we all know I'm taking whatever those complimentary drink tickets are going to get me. As far as signature dance move, I think it's too early into the game to claim one. If one thing's for sure, I'll be embarrassing myself on dance floors all over the world forever trying to accomplish this.

Guest Mix Series 07: Cooper Saver by dpchronicles

Juicy Fruit - Dr Dru & Adana Twins
Morning Come (Cooper Saver edit) - Suzanne Kraft
Mother Protect (Goldroom remix) - Niki & The Dove
Love Saves The Day ft Kathy Diamond (Mario Basanov vocal remix) - Kaine
Smiling Back At You (Young edits) - Stevie Nicks
On The Road (Matt Fear remix) - Lee M Kelsall
Hit n Run - Bicep
City Full Of Lights - Alexander Holland
Going To Chicago - Weekend Express
Sail Away (Cosmic Kids 'lost at sea' version) - The Rapture
I Want You - Knightlife
Concierge D' Amour (Rory Phillips remix) - Pollyester
Champion Sound (Psychemagik remix) - Crystal Fighters
In Love - Tim Green
Battle For Middle You - Julio Bashmore
Hungry For The Power (Runaway remix) - Azari & III
Everything Goes My Way (Ewan Pearson remix) - Metronomy
Boy Trouble - Benoit & Sergio
My Rescue - Canyon

Big THANKS to Cooper Saver for busting out this exclusive mix for DPC! We love it when we can share something special with our readers, and hope you enjoy it too.

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