Friday, October 14, 2011

Dimitri from Paris - Club Eleven (Live DJ Set)

So... what are you guys doing right now?

Me? Oh, you know...nothing but a freaking disco dance party in the District this afternoon.

Are you jealous? You shouldn't be. Cause you can have one, too!

Dimitri from Paris. is. a. genius.

Yes, still kicking myself for missing him over the summer. Gah.

This DFP mix is a live DJ set he did in Japan for his Knights of the Playboy Mansion CD tour.

Music like this makes me really happy. How happy you may ask yourself... Like I just stuffed my face with 10 DONUTS happy. Duh.

It is the perfect way to round out your Friday afternoon. It's like a warm up - for this!

Dimitri From Paris at Club Eleven, Tokyo, July 2011 by dfp

And yea, I totally was singing along at the 12:50 mark, "It's Friday, Friday they're paying.." with the soulful woman.

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