Friday, September 30, 2011

SDDP anyone?

One of the few thing I like more than a Dirty Disco Dance a Sexy Disco Dance Party! The mixes I've been listening to lately have leaning toward the sexier side of things. Maybe the transition of season is changing these DJs' vibe. Whatever it is, I'm feeling it...

I've been stuck on this mix by David Slowie (a.k.a David Barlow) lately. The title of the mix grabbed my attention right away (for obvious reasons), "Let's Dance (In My House of Disco)"...and David makes my "job" a little easier with his own description:
"Starts a bit abstract breaky, goes deep, gets funky and goes deep again."
The opening tracks are "breaky" yet deep. But the core of set consists of nice mix of Disco/House tracks. Every transition is super clean and the track selection is that of a clearly deft DJ. (Listen up for the segue into The Revenge Rework of "Between the Sheets").  The tempo keeps things moving but maintains a sexy feel-good vibe. At almost two hours long, by the time you get till the end you'll probably wish it was three. I love the pitched-down remix of Mitzi's "Mornning Light"; and closing the mix is a bydesign edit of Chante Moore's "Love's Taken Over"...Well played Mr. Barlow! Can you say Friday Night Red Light Special?

Soo any if lovely ladies want to have a dance party tonight, I think I've got the perfect soundtrack ;) (Thanks Dave!)

David Slowie (AKA David Barlow) - Let's Dance (In My House Of Disco) by David Barlow (dj)


01. Open Your Mind (DJ 2Three Rework) - Kleeer
02. Never Give You Up (Andy Ash Version) - Andy Ash
03. Tight On The White - NYAK
04. Between The Sheets (The Revenge Rework) - The Isley Brothers
05. Grams Of Funk (6th Borough Project Edit) - 6th Borough Project
06. Let Them Dance (PH Edit) - D.C. La Rue
07. Easy To Love - 78Edits
08. Edge Of The Night (The Revenge Rework) - D.C. La Rue
09. Roller - The Warm Signal
10. Keep The Fire Burning (The Revenge Need II Edit) - Gwen McCrae
11. The Vodka Game Shut Up - James Johnston
12. On The Reed Again - Part - JP Source
13. Spiral (Andy Hart Edit) - The Crusaders
14. Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Revenge Rework) - Willie Hutch
15. Space Soul Retreat - NYAK
16. Love Token - Deep&Disco
17. Lowdown (Dave Allison Edit) - Boz Scaggs
18. Move Me - Late Night Tough Guy
19. Morning Light (Softwar Remix) - MITZI
20. Love's Taken Over (bydesign edit) - Chante Moore

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