Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disco Getaway - The Cocoon Beach Club

Tonight I had a revelation about where I want my next vacation to be. Indonesia, Bali to be exact. At The Cocoon Beach Club.

It's a venue that was created in July 2010 and has hosted numerous DJ acts including: Louis Vega, Crazy P, and Stacey Pullen. The club also has a handful of resident DJs who play poolside dance parties for their guests while they are on vacation (source). Uhhh, sign me up, please!

Cocoon Music even put together an album that is chock-full of sexy, house disco beats. It includes the song featured below. And holy sexy slow-mo disco. (Side note: it also has the Crazy P, "There's a Better Place!" song, but I'll spare you guys from listening to it... again.)

Social Disco Club & Maia: The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Remix) by Cocoon Music

It goes without saying that this Asian girl would love a poolside disco set while lounging at the Cocoon Beach Club. Okay, I take the lounging part back - because let's be honest, I'd be on top of those nice, expensive lounge beds having a dance party. With a champagne bottle in one hand - and maybe a bottle of whiskey in the other. Because I'm a classy lady. Duh.

So...Who wants to petition for a Dance Party Chronicle disco dance party to get started over in Indonesia?

Not convinced?

Maybe this mix by one of their Resident DJs, Wisdy (Indonesia) will convince you.

WISDY LIVE Mix Cocoon by Cocoon Music, Bali

See you in Indonesia?!

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