Friday, September 30, 2011

Important Lessons and a Mix

Yesterday I had high hopes for my Thursday night evening. It all began when I left my desk to venture to the Farmer's Market to grab basil and some veggies. I realized I didn't have any cash on me, so I decided to head to an ATM quickly. I inserted my debit card and immediately blanked on my pin number. Seriously...I wish I were joking. I also wish I was joking about the next phone call that immediately followed this revelation between myself and a Navy Federal representative.

Me: Hi. I know that this sounds crazy, but I forgot my pin number to my check card. Is there any way you can give it to me over the phone?


Representative: Ms. Thomas, we can't give you your pin number over the phone. You'll have to come into a branch to get that. Your pin number is on the magnetic strip of your card, so we don't know it. I can send you a new card, but that will take you 7-10 business days.

Me: Well... how many times can you technically get your pin number "wrong" before the card is automatically canceled?

Representative: Well, it looks like you've done it three times already...

Me: Yea. I tried it a couple times and realized I need to give up because I can't remember it. I'm seriously so tired I can't remember my pin number. Crazy right?

I don't know what's worse though. The fact that I forgot my pin number, or the fact that 15 minutes later when I was walking to the metro, it was like the clouds parted, and a light shone down on me because I remembered my pin number!

Moral of the Story? Someone who works for Navy Federal Credit Union probably thinks I'm some kind of idiot.

I wanted to rage the kitchen last night while listening to Faze Action, but after realizing that I didn't even have the mental capacity to remember my pin number, I decided it would be best to hang up my apron for the evening. I'd probably end up mixing up the sugar with salt - which you should not do. Ever. Trust me.

So, you get one of the mixes I was planning on listening to by Faze Action, two brothers by the name of Simon and Robin Lee. Their rise to fame can be attributed by DJs Harvey and Francois K in the mid 1990s. Faze Action are the first group to really have their name associated with "Nu Disco". (source) I love their disco podcasts but today I'm featuring one from Dummy Mix Magazine. I always enjoy the Dummy Mixes because not only is there a mix, but a great article/interview with the artists themselves.

The article/interview and the stream is available here.

And here's their most recent podcast via Soundcloud. Because let's be real, you're not actually doing work today. You're staring at your computer screen waiting for dance parties.

Juno download Disco Podcast 20 by faze action

You're welcome.

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