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DPC Guestmix Series 15: Chas Bronz

Today, we are proud to present the 15th installment of the DPC Guestmix Series, a mix prepared by Chas Bronz.  Chas Bronz is the solo project of Boston based producer/DJ Tate Masimore.  Apart from his solo project, Chas teams up with Shawn Mac in Casual Encounters, owns an audio mastering company, and recently started his own record label, Trutalk Records.

Chas's debut solo EP, Late Night Chas, released on November 22 on Spirit Soul Music. It features four original tracks produced by Chas and can be purchased for digital download here. The EP kicks off with "Star Crossed Lovers," a great slow-mo track with a thick groove and some sexy vocals.  The next track, "Smile for Stiles" picks up the tempo of the EP (to around 120 beats per minute) and combines a great beat with piano, xylophone, horns, and even some flute, to create a complex, yet very danceable song.  The third track, "Renegades of  New Age Funk" feat. Suspence, may be my favorite on this album.  We got an advance listen to it when Sare Havlicek included it in his DPC Guestmix in July.  I loved the sequenced synthesizer bass line then, and I still love it now.  The final track on the album, which he worked on with Rhythm Operator, is called "Take the Hit."  This Acid House style track really takes things into the "late night" realm, where time ceases to exist and things start to transcend into the world of weird.  Overall, its a great EP, and I highly recommend checking it out.  If you like what you hear in the previews below, you can purchase it digitally at Beatport or Juno.

We first introduced you to Chas in the post about the Casual Encounters DPC Guestmix.  However, this guestmix will give you a better idea of his personal musical tastes and style as a solo artist. It has a total of 11 tracks and clocks in just under an hour long. The thing I really enjoy about this mix is it strikes an excellent balance of older tracks that you may not have heard of and newer tracks that you already know and love. It kicks off with an Acid House throwback, KC Flightt's "Planet E (Acid Drop Mix)." Without giving away too much about the mix, I will mention that my favorite part comes in the middle, particularly when Chas drops NiCe7's Bassline Soldiers. Anyway, this mix is one that will expand your musical horizons and make you want to get up and dance. Check out the interview we did with Chas below.

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DPC: First, we would like to thank you for taking the time to do a Guestmix for DPC and for answering some questions for our readers. How would you characterize this guest mix you did for DPC?

Chas: Well, First Off, I wanted to thank DPC for giving me the opportunity to share my love of dance music in the form of a guest mix.  To answer your question, I really enjoyed making this guest mix. I see “mixtapes” in general as not only a way to sharpen your dj skills, but also as a means to express yourself in ways that might be too risky to pull off in a club setting. In this mix I wanted to give my fans a view into my world, not just from a producer standpoint , but as a person that really enjoys all aspects of dance music.  I started off the mix with some of the tracks that influenced me to create dance music initially. Then I went on to include some “new age” dance tracks, I’m currently digging on.

DPC: You recently released your debut solo EP Late Night Chas. Can you tell us a little bit about it and how it has been received so far?

Chas: Haha, Late Night Chaz, The whole concept of the record still makes me chuckle.  I started writing the record after I got back from my show in Mexico with FM ATTACK last spring.  I found it hard to not be inspired after doing my first international tour. Anyways, “Renegades” was a track that I did with a great up and coming Boston producer named Spencer AKA Suspence. The Instrumental element of the track is very D-TRAIN inspired, don’t know who “D-TRAIN” Is? Look them up people, you won’t be sorry.  That being said, Suspence wrote a great vocal hook for my track, we recorded it, and the rest is history.  “Smiles For Stiles” is a Latin House inspired tune, I wrote for my wife Erin, her smile and friendship are one of the fews things I truly cherish in this world. “Star Crossed Lovers” is a Slo-mo jammer that I wrote with another one of my best friends, Evie.  She has an incredibly “haunting” voice, and we went a little dark on that one. Lastly, “Take The Hit” is a classic example of Acid Style House music. Inspired by my love for late 80’s/early 90’s Chicago House. I am extremely thrilled to announce that my current EP is supported by, FM ATTACK, Sare Havlicek, Soul Clap, Rick Preston, Walter Jones, And Phunktastike, just to name a few.

DPC: What can we expect to see out of you in the next year in terms of both your solo project and collaborations?

Chas: Wow! A year is  a long time. I’d say, definitely expect more music from Shawn Mac and I, in Casual Encounters, as well as records from Boston producers, Bass Glutton, Jaminic, Nite Krawla, Kronz And Fochi, Suspence and all my other Electrogenic crew members here in Boston, To be released on my label TruTalk. Not to mention a ton of new Chas Bronz originals and remixes.

DPC: In the Casual Encounters DPC Guestmix interview, it was mentioned that you run an audio mastering company.  How is that going?  Do you play many DJ gigs, or do you focus more of your energy on producing and your mastering business?

Chas Bronz by Tate Masimore
Chas: Yes I do run my own mastering company, “MasterMind Audio Solutions”. I absolutely love being an audio engineer. As a Mastering Engineer I feel honored to “Finalize” tracks for people. I have been very fortunate to work with Eric Sfero, And Girlfriend Records, The first two releases on his imprint were mastered by me, as well as tracks by Drop Out Orchestra, Andrew Clarke, FM Attack, Monitor 66, Need and Necessity, Rhythm Operator, and all the artist’s on Shawn Mac's label Dancefloor Encounters. I don’t really play out much, but that will all change once I perfect my live setup.  So in early 2013 I’ll be playing out again.  Aside from that, I’ve been very busy writing and producing new music.

DPC: What kind of musical upbringing did you had and what made you decide you wanted to make a living in the music industry?

Chas: Oh man, (laughs), my parents weren’t musicians but they loved music.  My dad turned me onto The Allman Brothers, Santana, Hendrix And Jeff Beck in high school.  Plus, I always loved the guitar and started playing out when I was 16.  But, truthfully, I enjoyed music because my brother Patrick was into it as much as I was. He’s a bass player and we used to play and write music together a lot.  He was and still is a huge reason why I continue to pursue music.  He’s nasty too!  He’s got a great band, Ikarus Down.  I highly recommend you all check them out. Anyways, I eventually ended up at Berklee College of Music here in Boston, I got really serious about music, and we are.

DPC: What is your favorite dance move to throw down when things get heavy at the club?

Chas: The “Pop And Lock” For Life:)

Enjoy the mix!

1. KC Flightt - Planet E "Acid Drop Mix"
2. Punk Chic - Dj Spinnin' "Scanty Rose Garden Mix"
3. Kelis - Scream "Russ Chimes Remix"
4. Miguel Campbell - Rockin' Beats "Original Mix"
5. Dino Lenny vs. Hardrive - I Wanna Be Like Talking Heads "Dino Lenny Dub"
6. NiCe7 - Bassline Soldiers "Original Mix"
7. Xakosa - Heaven Only Knows "Mowgli Vox Remix"
8. French Fries - Charlotte "Canblaster Remix"
9. MAM - Reel Sweet "Original Mix"
10. Joey Negro - Must Be The Music "Crazibiza Remix"
11. J-Roc - Get Down "Original Mix"

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