Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Round Up, Vol. 8

In this week's Round Up: Knights, Slovakians, and Chameleons! Let's goooo.

Andy Riley (of Inland Knights)
Live in San Antonio, Texas

Since I've started writing for DPC, I've wanted to somehow feature Inland Knights in some capacity. Problem is, these guys rarely release mixes, let alone live recordings. That patience paid off last week as a live set from Andy Riley popped up on their official Soundcloud. Color me giddy. Together with his partner-in-crime Laurence Ritchie, Riley has been a steady purveyor of groovy, unabashedly fun house music since the late 90's.  This experience, coupled with excellent track selection and a knack for whipping crowds into frenzies, makes these guys a must-see/hear whenever I see the name pop up. Inland Knights' approach to electronic music is not inclusive or needlessly emotive and complex. Instead, it seems like these two U.K. natives want everyone to join in on the party. This sense of warmth and barely-concealed joy gives their sets, productions, and remixes a levity that's exceedingly rare in House these days, and impossible to ignore.

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Giom's Advokkat Podcast - November 2012

In the same vein as Inland Knights, I've wanted to feature U.K.'s Giom in this space for quite some time. Since being yanked from Myspace by DJ Heather way back in the day (2006...God, I'm old), Giom has had a meteoric rise through the deep house scene. His productions and remixes off Lost My Dog Recordings have been steadily gaining popularity across the house scene, and one gets the sense he's one statement release away from truly breaking out. This mix features both tracks off his excellent Favourite Things EP, as well as a host of other good stuff from the likes of Maceo Plex, MAM, and Betoko. His mixing is spot-on throughout, buoyed by Giom's patience in really letting his tracks envelope each other perfectly. The result is a tasteful, sonically concise display of Giom honing his craft ever sharper. Can't wait to see what's next from him in 2013.

Robin Virag - Guestmix for Club Time Radioshow

Next up, a guest mix coming to us from Slovakia native Robin Virag. Specializing in deep, melodic house and techno, Virag has been making a name for himself all across Eastern Europe for his inspired performances and savvy productions. Playing alongside the likes of Matt Tolfrey and Jay Haze can't hurt the ol' resume, either. Clocking in at a little under an hour, this mix is well-constructed and tonally balanced, giving listeners a nice run-through of some of the most popular deep house tracks out right now. While not super eclectic or innovative, Virag nevertheless delivers a smart, modern set of deep house.

George FitzGerald - Live @ Beatport Offices

Live from the Beatport offices last week came George Fitzgerald's 2 hour, genre-bending intergalactic exploration; easily one of my favorite live sets of recent memory across any platform. Signed to Scuba's Hotflush Recordings, FitzGerald is a true talent behind either the decks or the mixing board. Pick your poison. Much like label boss Scuba or compatriot Jimmy Edgar, FitzGerald has proven to be just as musically chameleous (that's not a word, but it goddamn well should be) and just as impossible to label.  What's his sound? House? Techno? Bass? Breakbeat? Every time you think you nail him to the board, the next track plays and your world gets flipped upside down. Just awesome stuff from top to bottom. This one comes HIGHLY recommended.


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