Friday, August 10, 2012

The Round Up, Vol. 2

In this week's Round Up: Romania, Noir Music, throwing things, drippings  and more Diynamic! Yay!

David August - Diynamic Neon Promo Mix

Surprise! Diynamic being featured again. You guys better get used to it, because I don’t think they’re going anywhere. Hailing from Berlin, David August is another example of Diynamic’s knack for scooping up young, insanely talented producers and giving them a platform to shine from. It’s always fun for me (and I hope for ya’ll) to listen to a mix that truly expresses an artist’s musical voice and character. The inside of David August’s head is a stormy place, and this mix is unequivocally David August. Unlike the majority of promo mixes, this one is borderline meditative – August has no problem slowing down the tempo and letting his tracks fully breathe. There’s a haunting, almost remorseful, edge to a good deal of his selections. Even some of the more upbeat tracks are underpinned with a melancholy bassline or vocal track. One gets the sense that every single one was picked with a purpose in mind, and August’s ability to convey that through his mixing is a testament to the youngster’s skill. Draw the blinds for this one.

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Adina Paun DJ Set

Next, a pulsating and thoughtfully layered mix by way of Romania. My first introduction to Adina Paun happened quite by accident while innocently digging through the latest deep house releases that seem to fly into my musical net each week. I was immediately struck by how polished it was, how the synth progressions seem to dance and float above the rest of the track while still anchoring its backbone. Impressed, I investigated a little bit and found her Curly Moods EP out on Kontrol Records. Her style on her productions is consistently all her own – exuberant and unabashedly playful while keeping the fun grounded with thumping basslines and heavy snares. When I saw that she put up a live set over the weekend, I knew I had to include it. This mix is a slow burner and kind of sneaks up on you. A brooding combination of techno and thick, messy house, Ms. Paun’s track selection is top flight and well-equipped for dance floors. Her blending is indistinguishable at points, a testament to her patience and light touch with these tracks. After awhile, I eventually stopped trying to pick out songs and just went along for the ride. I can’t wait to see where Adina takes us next.

The RealBirds Mixtape - August 2012

Along with big players like Crosstown Rebels and Hot Creations, Noir Music has begun to carve out a place for itself amongst the most forward-thinking and consistently great house labels out there. Their compilations, podcasts, and EPs are recognized the world over. It’s been increasingly rare to see a Noir Music release not crack Beatport and Resident Advisor charts as soon as it debuts. Spearheaded by Noir himself, an excellent DJ and producer in his own right, it only continues its march up the ranks. This podcast comes to us from newcomers The RealBirds, a DJ collective based out of Italy, France, and the U.K.. Yup, each DJ is from a different city. Signed to SleazyDeep Records, the triumvirate’s first mixtape was released just 4 months ago! Their style fits Noir Music perfectly; punchy and throbbing deep house accented with tasteful vocal samples. Definitely a group to keep your eye on in the future.

Light Spectrum August Mix 2012

I know I’d get objects thrown at me and/or fired if I didn’t include this next one, so I’m just gonna nip that in the bud. They’re not tugging my arm though – this mix is simply fantastic. I can’t get enough of this flavor of nu-disco: hard edges, deep bass, ridiculous synth progressions and lines. Tracks that remind of you of dark dance clubs. At times here, Light Spectrum reminds of pre-Magician Aeroplane; at others, 6th Borough Project or Space Ranger. These are high compliments, and ones I try not to give lightly.  I was floored by the track selection and execution throughout the entire mix – man, do they make it sound easy. Light Spectrum has compiled one of my favorite disco mixes of the summer in this hour and a half, so you better check it out. Or Becca will throw things at you. And so will I.

Lee Foss - Modern Amusement Podcast 02

This mix dropped as I was literally editing this post, but I couldn't resist. A rare recorded mix from the Chicago half of the Hot Creations brain + Friday = perfect. I've heard complaints about the megawatt exposure, and subsequent over-saturation, of the "Hot Creations sound" since the label's inception in 2010. If anything, this is a testament to how much Foss' and label mate Jamie Jones' influence has rippled through the entire house and techno scene. No one can dispute their collective and individual genius as DJs, producers, and remixers. Foss, the more diminutive and reserved of the pair, holds a master class here. This mix is not to be missed.



That's it for this week. I'm off next week, heading to NYC and some much needed vacation.

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