Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary DPC!

After thousands of pageviews, 236 posts, and 1 Year...

     It started with an email chain between a group of dance music obsessed, whiskey loving friends. In this past year, The Dance Party Chronicles has grown and evolved in ways that we had not imagined. More than just a blog, we'd like to think of ourselves as a community. One in which to share and experience the music, on and off the dance floor, we love so dearly.

Let's get retrospective for a moment.

Anyone remember this...

 They don't dance. I just made that up. Is that offensive? I'm not sure if it is or not, cause I literally         just picked the first inanimate object that popped into my head. I'm sorry I'm not sorry if I offended anyone who just read that. Although, if I did offend you, I can only guess that you either have this weird obsession with lamps, or you're a hipster. I digress....

Welcome to The Dance Party Chronicles. Why? Because we like to dance! (Sorry if you don't)

     That was an excerpt from DPC’s and Becca’s inaugural posts. You have to love the quirky rant about the lack of dancing she and I witnessed at a show. It concluded with a mix from The Beat Broker, and laid down the foundation for the blog. During the rest of August 2011, we pumped out 56 posts. Sometimes 3 or 4 a day, of DJ mix highlights, artist spotlights, a few more rants, and some infamous Identity Festival coverage. But it was the first guestmix we featured that really got things moving. 

     Our long time homie, Matt “Mr. Bonkerz" Lipsit, -or “The Bonk Man” for the initiated- donated his smooth-as-a-baby's bum mixing and methodical track selection for our first guestmix. It is still one of my personal favorites to this day. The huge response set the tone. Ever since, we have had mixes and interviews from so many of our favorite artists.  Drop Out Orchestra, Ichisan, and Only Children to name a few. If you haven’t, check out who has been contributing to our Summer Series. These mixes have been hotter than the season in D.C. itself!

     All sorts of game has been stepped up at DPC; content and otherwise. The crew started with just Becca and myself, and is now 6 in all. Three of us make up the resident DJs, but all six contributing to the blog and dance parties on and off the decks: Tyler, our first addition and resident dance machine. Will, the musical renaissance man. Matt, our in-house disco dictator. And our most recent addition, Sam, our dance music guru. 

Tyler, Will, Matt, Becca, Rashad
         That’s the crew, but it’s only part of the picture. We’re just the medium. It’s you all, the readers, the tweeters, the Facebookers, the Soundclouders, the DJs, the producers, the publicist, fellow bloggers, the venues, and the dance partiers that complete the portrait. So as much as this post is to acknowledge a milestone for us, it is just as much a “Thank You” to all of you. The feedback and support we have received has been a constant motivation for us to do our best possible to provide content to satisfy all your dance party needs.

     Speaking of, if you’re in the dance party mood this evening, join us at Science Club (Washington, D.C.) for some celebrating, debauchery, and dancing! DPC Resident duo: Brothers From Another Planet (William DeVon and myself, Remote CTRL) will be throwing down selections inspired by the sounds of Wolf + Lamb. The party is called Intergalactic Funk, and is the newest of our now 3 monthly DPC presented events. Come say hello to the crew! We would all love to exchange some high-fives and drinks, and then, of course, have a dance. Sound good?!

Here’s a  Wolf + Lamb set to get you on the right level of weird before tonight’s festivities.

Whether you celebrate with us tonight or not, stick around. Year one was full of surprises for us with the amount support we’ve received. Going forward, we would like to return the favor. Stay tuned. Make sure your dancing shoes have been broken in and your legs are properly stretched as the dance party continues...

Thank You & Much Love!

Your continued source for all things dance party related...


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