Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Artist Spotlight - Space Ranger

The summer is indeed coming to an end but the dance parties continue onward with a brand-spanking-new mix from one of our favorites, Space Ranger.

The German trio spends most of their time abroad but their deep, melodic, sample-based tracks have found their way all over the world and drawn heavy support from the likes of Aeroplane, The Revenge, James Curd, Hot Toddy, Mylo, Vampire Weekend, Pete Herbert and Jacques Renault.

Their combination of sophisticated production skills and years of experience working dance floors have proved useful and beneficial in establishing a cult-like fanbase that follows their every move. Through incorporation of samples taken from their massive collection of old-school dance, disco and soul records, Space Ranger has honed a unique and distinctive blend of deep house & disco that has become their trademark.

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While they have all been involved in the music business for quite some time, Space Ranger lifted off in 2010 with the "Star Wash EP" and their debut single, "Herbal Cake".

The trio stayed busy with a 2011 album release called What About The Magnetic Fields and several more gems with the Chocolate Bar EP & Nightmoves EP.

Here are some of my personal favorites (Highly Recommended!!)

I have only touched on some of their discography but you should really check out their huge soundcloud catalog (49 tracks) ----> HERE. Originals, remixes & sets galore!

There are also rumblings of a possible U.S. tour in the works. If you are as excited about this as we are, let them know! Who knows? Your city could be next.

And without further adieu, check out Space Ranger's latest mix: 72 minutes of deep vibes and melodic sensuality.

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