Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ticket Giveaway! Sneaky Sound System with DJ Remote Ctrl @ U Street Music Hall


..have some dance party goodies for ya!

Alright, the DPC Crew is teaming up with our homies over at Blisspop to give 2 lucky dance partiers a pair of tickets to: Blisspop Presents...Sneaky Sound System with support from DJ Remote Ctrl (DPC). It's going down this Saturday, September 1.

What do you have to do? Easy:

Sign a blood contract pledging your undying allegiance to us... 

Or if you're not into the whole sacrilegious ceremonial thing:

First: Make sure you've "Liked" us on the Facebook and/or "Followed" us on the good'ol Twitter. Easy enough.

Second (and this is the important bit): Head over to our Facebook, and "Share" the post pinned to the page OR "Retweet" the tweet referencing the ticket giveaway.


2 Winners will be chosen at random and will have their names (+1) added to the guest list on the night of the show.

Winner or not, come say what's to the DPC and Blisspop crews. High fives, whiskeys, and dance parties will be had.

And if we don't see you there, look for us at this week's recommended events.

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Here's an exclusive promo for Blisspop by DJ Remote Ctrl to get you warmed up (in more way that one) for the Saturday night dance party.

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