Thursday, June 28, 2012

ConnetICON - Day Late and A Collar Short

After having a music blog for the last 10 months, I have finally come to the realization that it is a constant work in progress. And I'd be lying if I said it wasn't the easiest thing to grasp a hold of. I don't know fancy music terms. I work hard to write reviews. I can offer advice about genres or what dance parties to listen to; but if you haven't been able to tell already - everything is pretty much a dance party to me. We love that you come back each day (err, week) to read about a new mix, and after this past weekend, it was great to meet some friendly faces who love and enjoy disco dance parties just as much as us. Virtual hugs to all.

Here at DPC, of all the genres of music we listen to, I do not think we touch upon deep house nearly enough. It's perfect to jam to as you're getting some work done, baking some cupcakes, or driving for long periods of time. The thing I love about deep house are those heavy-hitting beats with an ambient vibe that makes you get lost within yourself. Add in some sexy vocals and I'm totally in on that gravy train.

Lucky for us, a great deep house mix was released yesterday by way of Connecticut native, ConnetICON. Spinning dark disco, down-tempo and deep house, he boasts a pretty phenomenal bio as he's been around the festival scene that us closet-hippies love, and played alongside disco duo, Tiger & Woods, Down-tempo/Trip-hop DJ/Producer, Emancipator, and the Chicago DJ collective, Orchard Lounge.

The mix, "Day Late And a Collar Short," is 63 minutes of straight up deep, sexy house. After giving a quick scan of the track list before diving in, I got ridiculously excited. As the mix kicked in and I started the journey, I realized the transitions were pretty spot on as my head nodding didn't skip a beat as Domyan's remix of "Milscot" melted perfectly into Maya Jane Cole's sultry remix of "She's on Fire". Along with some familiar tracks, there were some I became obsessed with, like LDM's "Timeless" track that you hear around the 15:40 mark that went into Maceo Plex's, "Sex Appeal" - a track that couldn't have a better name with its serious ambient vibe coupled with that familiar bass beat, and sexy vocals. I die.

As the mix goes on, under the radar, Brussels producer, DC Salas' track, "Peru" comes in at 32:40. I was slightly intrigued when I saw this initially because I've never seen him on a mix before, but I'm familiar with his music and this track, "Peru" is gorgeous; really nice bass fused with some synth effects and faded vocals. I'd have to say my favorite part of the entire mix was when the "Knight Rider" theme materialized at 45:09; it's pretty much the best intro theme EVER and whenever a band covers it or a DJ places it in their mix, I get stupid happy. The mix closes with my favorite track from John Talabot's most recent album, Fin, "So will be now." I can only describe it as pure genius with dreamy samples allowing you to get lost in your thoughts and enjoy the moment.

Don't be left out or a day late(r), and give this mix a listen. And if you enjoyed the mix, check out ConnetICON's Facebook or follow him on SoundCloud to stay up to date with his mixes, upcoming dates, and more!
All alone - Milscot (Domyan remix)
Shes on fire - Bo Saris (MJC remix)
Moustache - La Stache
Timeless - LDM
Sex Appeal - Maceo Plex
Make it good- Tennis (Larry heard remix)
August Lovers - Dosem
Peru - Dc salas
Saved - Harold Heath (John Daly remix)
Night Track - Sasha
Go with the flow - Climbers
Knight rider theme
Trust issues - The weekend (Manik Knight rework)
Pumpin - Lula Circus (pezzner remix)
Will be gone - Dave DK
So will be now - John Talabot

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  1. Definitively ... I ... the french addict thank you ... this sound is like a ray of sunlight on this rainy summer we have ... You have sexy ears I'm sure :)