Friday, June 22, 2012

Drop Out Orchestra Free Track DL & Album Preview

The pleasantries:
Shout-out and many thanks to Only Children for hooking us up with a great mix and interview; the U Street Music Hall and Blisspop family for the tickets to give away; and all the DPC friends, old and new who got down with us this past Wednesday.

The promo:
If you haven’t checked lately, swing over to our Events/Shows page and check out the the incoming wave of dance parties to be had in D.C.

Also, for our N.Y. readers, if you’re into boats, disco, and good times, we highly suggest you get on board this floating dance party. The event features not only DPC’s newest contributor and resident, Mr. Bonkerz, but our good friends Business Casual Disco, and the fantastic disco reviving collective Wylys & the New York Hustler Ensemble and more (Tickets & Info).

The Goods:
More good news. Apart from the fact that it’s Friday, which is great news in and of itself, to mark the release of their album, The Edits, our homies Drop Out Orchestra bestowed upon DPC a track to share with all you disco loving dance party fiends. It’s a remix of Sterling Void & Paris Brightlege’s “It’s All Right.” The lovely vocals let you know just so, throughout the track and the signature Drop Out rolling basslines we all love are there from start. The track also has funky sort of Disco-House beat with an undeniable touch Chicago House flavoring, i.e. lush piano chords and vogue inducing snares. You may have heard it on their June Mix Session or Mighty Mouse’s June Mix (both below).

Though “All Right” is on the album, it’s takes a different form and is called “Pounds Sterling.” I’ll explain: The tracks on The Edits, despite its title, are more than that. “The Re-imaginings” might be a better suited title. Using four to five musicians, Drop Out Orchestra actually recreate the songs while using only a few bits of the original piece. It’s done to near perfection and the DOO twist tops the cake. The selection tracks is just great: Sade, Talking Heads, Robyn, oh and even Rick Astley (Yup, Drop Out Orchestra just “Rickrolled” dancefloors across the globe). So grab your copy of the album distributed digitally, exclusively through Juno.

Jam out to these dance party approved mixes featuring “All Right.” and have yourself a damn good weekend!

01. Drop Out Orchestra feat Christopher Norman - In The Dark
02. Marbeya Sound - Rachel's Vision
03. Flight Facilities - With You
05. Monitor 66 - Her Bells (Gary Baldi's These Are The Bells Remix)
06. Nine Lives feat Jaki Graham - 1985 (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
07. Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club and Lipelis - I Need It (Jack To The Dropouts Edit)
08. Sare Havlicek - Duelling Basses
09. Flash Atkins - Flood Warning
10. Adamski - I Like It (Attar! Remix)
11. Prince - Controversy (Mighty Mouse Re-Edit)
12. Sterling Void and Paris Brightledge - It's All Right (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
13. Mighty Mouse - Electric Moonshine
14. Drop Out Orchestra feat Christopher Norman - In The Dark (NSFW Remix)
04. NSFW and Kraver - Starstruck (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)

1. Mighty Mouse - Kids In Space 
2. Toxez - Boring Bar (Serj V Remix) 
3. Danism - Love The Way (Crazy P Remix) 
4. Different Points - Got What You Need (Original Mix) 
5. Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge - It's All Right (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) 
6. Scandal - Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) 
7. feat. Daniel Wilde - Mind Your Head (Original Mix) 
8. Glass Diamond - Girls & Boys (E-Street Dub Mix) 
9. Province - Take It Easy (Original Mix) 
10. Lauhaus - Hiphouse (Original Mix) 
11. RAC feat. Penguin Prison - Hollywood (The Magician Remix) 
12. HervĂ© feat. Ronika - How Can I Live Without Your (Make It Right) (Mighty 12. Mouse Remix) 
13. Mighty Mouse - Electric Moonshine 
14. Uner - Bassboot 
15. Tonyboy - Do It (Original Mix)

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