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Summer Series GuestMix Volume 3: The Beat Broker - Classy Dancer 6.5

Annnd we’re back.

The DPC Crew has been busy behind the scenes, on the decks, and (of course) on the dancefloor...
The music this summer has been just as hot as the temperature. We’d like to keep it up with the next installment to our Summer Series of Guestmixes...and I think we've done just that with some Disco heat by way of Cali’s The Beat Broker?!

 Let’s get you familiar with this dance party dealer.

Ryan Bishop (This picture commands a more formal title.) has been brokering beats as a DJ/Producer for over 10 years. Starting out as part of the duo Broker/Dealer, Mr. Bishop and long time friend, Ryan Fitzgerald, began DJing a regular party in San Francisco where they pumped German Minimal Techno, classic 80s Electro, Italo-Disco tunes. Beat Broker began creating his edits, remixes, and original productions in their live sets to be able to set the mood exactly how he wanted. Inspired by the cosmic and synthy sounds coming from Germany, these works would later be released on various labels and be the basis of the Beat Broker sound.

Ryan has a way melding classic sounds and contemporary ideas. I always imagine myself pimp strolling through space when I listen to his tracks:

Or funky dance party:

Limit was recently released by Groove Democracy on their ‘Spain v.s. U.S.A. compilation this. Grab that shit!

The Beat Broker has a deep catalog of, not only tracks, but DJ mixes as well. Each one showcasing the various themes that represent his style and flavor. There are the appropriately named: “Freak ‘n’ Roll”, “Midnight Energy”, “Ladies Night”, “Cosmic Kind Buds”, and the hands down DPC favorite: Classy Dancer. Classy Dancer is a series actually that recently marked its sixth iteration. The thing I love about these mixes is that lend themselves to great for rush hour commute zone outs or lush disco dance parties. Classy Dancer, in our eyes, has become Beat Broker’s signature series. Though you won’t see them on a monthly basis, they are always worth the wait. We saw Volume 6 in March and it was instant vintage dance party material...Oh, and classy as fuck. It may very well have been the first mix to include a dress code (a strict one at that):

"Dress Code: For the Gentlemen a black tailcoat with matching trousers trimmed by a ribbon of braid or satin on the outside of each trouser leg. The Ladies an evening dress with a full skirt, possibly with open back and low neck line. Elbow-length gloves are also a nice addition for the Lady."

We’re not very patient when it comes to dance parties. We want them, and we want them now! So we asked Ryan to do us a solid and put together something to share with you all and hold us over. Well, lo and behold, we’ve got been brokered a Classy Dancer of our own to share with you fine folks! DPC is honored to be able to add Classy Dancer 6.5 to our Summer Series and we know you all will enjoy it.

But first, The Broker took a little time out of his busy schedule of wheeling and dealing beats to let DPC pick his brain a little:

After the Jump...(Interview and GuestMix)

1. Mr. Broker, where would you say you draw most of your influence from and how does it affect your style and sound?

I’m always heavily influenced by all my 12" dub mixes from the 80s, 70s disco drums, italo-disco synths and new age atmospheric sounds.

Roll all those influences into one and that’s basically the kind of music style I tend to make. Majority of my tracks and remixes are made very late at night on headphones and that drives the sstyle a bit. I think if I was making tracks in the daytime and fully awake, I’d probably be making much more upbeat party pumping dancing floor jams. Actually,I’m aspiring to make tracks to fit the vibe/quality of those in my dj mixes but haven’t been very successful at that.

3. I think DPC and your listeners would disagree with that! Can you give us any info on some of these original productions?

I have a new album completed for Bearfunk entitled 'Limited Time' set to release this year. A big honor for me since the label has been a huge influence since its beginnings. Hope everyone enjoys it, I’ll post clips for it soon. I also have various remixes floating around, unclear which will actually be released and where. Most recently a remix I did for San Francisco based band, SHOCK, will be out soon on Voltaire records. All awesome tracks on the 12", highly recommend this one, should be out this year as well.

5. Who or what, music-wise, are you enjoying right now?

Big fan of all the releases on Electrique Music from Mexico, everything on Cutters records always, seems like Knightlife is every mix i make. Listening to some awesome new Future Feelings tracks/remixes. Recently picked up the 80s pop duo Oattes Van Schaik ‎album 'Love Attaxx' which im a sucker for. On the mellower side, i love all the Tommy Awards and Farbror Resande Mac music (see: Slowness I and II mix), Steve Moore album and his remixes and the Hatchback/Sorcerer/Windsurf combo always on rotation.

4. Do you have tour plans?

Im heading down to LA to play on the 20th for the Cafe Society party. thats a tour for me since i rarely play outside of SF. Later hoping to do a few dates for the album but nothing planned yet. There will be a '10 years of Bearfunk' parties in various cities worldwide which i hope to make a few of.

6. Tell us a little about what to expect in Classy Dancer 6.5?

The guestmix are tracks that sadly didn’t make it to classy dancer 5 or 6, but I loved and saved for the future. I thought they worked well together alongside some recent tracks I picked up. The mix follows the same 'Classy Dancer' vibe: dancefloor friendly, pianos, disco drums, melody driven, nice vocals/synths, good times.

7. You walk into your favorite club; before you hit the dancefloor (or the decks), what are you grabbing from the bar first?

Trumer pils (Berkeley)

8. Alright, you have your drink and are ready for the dance floor. What’s your go to dance move?

First that comes to mind, if you know the EPMD video 'You Gots to Chill.' The background dancer’s, specifically the guy in the all yellow outfit. Don’t know if that dance has a name, but its great! That era of dancing is hard to beat!

(Skip to 1:52)

DPC would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Ryan “Beat Broker” Bishop for taking the time talk to us and add to Summer Series.

Beat sure to stay up on his dealings via Get social with him via Facebook, Twitter, of course SoundCloud.

"Your limo rolls up promptly at the peak hour on a Friday night. The driver gives you the signal, you adjust your bowtie and you finish your glass of champagne. Your chauffeur is there as you exit and hands you your top hat and cane. A clearing in the crowd is created as you make your way into the venue. A quick nod from the doorman and you waltz right on through the roped off entrance."

-the Beat Broker


Proper Heat - Just A Little Bit (original mix)
Telephones - Turkis
Trujillo - You Keep Me (Cosmic Kids Remix)
Mobroder - Rush (Nile Delta Remix)
Roberto Rodriguez - Tell Me (Instrumental & Backing Vox Version)
Psychemagik - Carnaval De Trancoso
Phreek Plus One - La Spirale (J Loveboat mix)
Marcello Giordani - Lose your Love
F3 - Lonely Land
Bufi - Will Be (Extendend Club Mix)
Ok Corral - Glorya
Bermuda - Tease me
Ichisan - House Dance Conference (Pete Herbert remix)
Marius Våreid - Il Tempo Gigante

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