Monday, April 9, 2012

The Beat Broker - Live at Public Works (April 2011)

I don't believe that the Beat Broker needs an introduction on The Dance Party Chronicles. We have an undying love for his Classy Dancer mixes, and have been itching to hear and/or see the California native live. He posted a live mix from the Public Works via his webpage with a free download link late Saturday evening.

It was basically love at first listen. At the 10 minute mark, a funky disco track "Nocturn" (A1 Mix), by Francesco Pacarella, "Majic-Kaboola" by GeeGee & Gym Band caused an immediate disco dance party (DDP) to ensue, then segued quite nicely into another funky number "Make Your Body Move", by Roy B, at 13 minutes. Holy freaking dance party; I can only imagine what was going on in San Francisco as the Beat Broker dropped it. The mix transitioned nicely into some spacey selections at 30 minutes. A wave of nostalgia hit me as Mikeburns' track, "Galaktattakk", geared up with a familiar track from Classy Dancer 1; complete with its violins and haunting, but beautiful, samples in the background. I cannot say enough about this track!

The segue into 40 minutes in. Lord, help me. "Burning Love" by Glossy is what dance parties are made of, I kid you not. I guarantee that I would have lost my shit if I were in San Francisco. I probably would've dropped my beer in the middle of the dance floor (again) and proceeded to yell something about Classy Dancer 1 to my friends the closest person next to me. The live mix ended with DJ Gregory's "Don't Know Malendro"; another gem from Classy Dancer 1.

I've listened to the mix three four (including the one my commute to work this morning) times since Saturday night, and I recommend you start your Monday off with this DDP. So who's with me? Petition to get the Beat Broker on an east coast tour, stat.

There's no embedded link to the mix, so click here for your Monday morning DDP.

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