Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Moises Mestas - Spring Mixtape

I love this time of year. The sun is shinning. The birds are chirping. The whiskey flows like water, and the dance parties get a bit more boisterous. Oh, did I mention the ladies in their sundresses? It’s as if there is a species of women that emerge as the season changes. Maybe it’s the pollen that draws them out, or maybe it’s the jovial soundscape of the springtime music? Well whatever it is, I’ve got something "Spring Fling Themed" (say that 3 times fast) that captures the pre-summer romance and jubilation of the season. 

Today’s "Hump Day" mix, comes by way of Moises Mestas. The Mexico City native has been doing it around the country for 10 years and currently holds a residency at the exclusive club, LOVE. Keep your ears open for some original productions and remixes from him. But in the meantime, let’s dive into it!

A DPC friend shared this one with me (shout-out Nicky T!) and I’m very glad he did. It’s got a great blend of the sounds I’m particularly fond of lately: lively Disco and and sexy House. It opens with Open Children’s “Down Fever”, which is a fun NuDisco track with airy vocals and an uplifting synth chord progression. Dublin Aunt’s Deep House track, “No Holding Back”, immediately follows. Both have those R&B vocal samples DPC has been infatuated with as of late. The former from Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go”, and +1 to whoever can ID the latter for me.

Illija Rudman’s Interpretation of Escot’s “Cameleon Chameleon” is light and lush disco romp. It’s classic disco elements keep things fun and allows it segue nicely into Roberto Rodriguez’s NuDisco love affair track, “Tell Me”. Listen up for the lyrical symmetry between the two tracks’ vocals; a lovely touch to the mix. “Tell Me” is a simply great selection in my opinion. The male and female vocals work well together and the love struck lyrics are what Spring is all about.

The mix takes a bit a of turn after the seamless transition from “Cave Disco” to “This Time Around”. It’s like a sunset into the sexyness of night as things venture into deep/jackin’ House territories. But like the sun never fails to, the energy rises again to close out the mix strong. I loved the refreshing breezes of Disco and House [see: hear: The Mekanism Can’t Believe (Mario Basnov Remix) and Storm Queen - Look Right Through]. If you couldn’t tell, I very much enjoyed listening to and writing about this mix, so I’ll shut up and let you get to it now!


Only Children - Down fever
Dublin Aunts - No Holding Back (2012 Mix)
Escort - Cameleon Chameleon (Ilija Rudman Interpretation)
Roberto Rodriguez - Tell Me (original Mix)
Astrolabe - Cave Disco (Discotexas Edit)
Softwar - This Time Around (Original Mix)
Jus' Bros - The Truth
Toomy Disco - What Goes Around
P@D - Le Lapin Magique (The Frost Remix)
The Mekanism - Can't Believe (Mario Basanov Remix)
Storm Queen - Look Right Trough (parts 1 & 2 Edit)
Ponty Mython - Take More Lessons (Casual Encounters Remix)
Kolombo ft Ange - Nothing More's Allowed
James Curd - Guide Me (Gigamesh Remix)
Philosophy Of Sound - Freedom, What For? (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
Justin Winks - All You Need Is Love

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