Friday, April 6, 2012

Cinnamon Chasers- Love In Sunset (April 2012 DJ Mix)

It's finally Friday and another work week is coming to a close.  After a dance party in Brooklyn last Saturday that redefined the term epic, it was quite a long week.  I finally got the chance to see one of my favorite DJ duos, Flight Facilities.  Honestly, I went into the show with high expectations, which can sometime lead to disappointment.  However, these two dudes from down under completely blew me away.  They certainly didn't hold anything back at Brooklyn Bowl (which has an exquisite 3 ft disco ball above the dance floor).  A group of my friends and I got the chance to meet the curly haired Hugo from FF and Jess (who sings Foreign Languages) and kick it with them at the after party.  Its always nice to get the chance to meet artists you like and even nicer when they turn out to be really cool, down to Earth people.

Although this work week has been long, there have been plenty of new mixes released that helped make it more enjoyable.  The plethora of mixes sometime makes it tricky to pick one to post about. Being Friday, I wanted to pick a mix that got you all in the mood to head out on the town and show off some of the new dance moves you've been working on.  The mix below is "Love in Sunset," Cinnamon Chasers' April 2012 DJ mix.  Cinnamon Chasers is the nu-disco project of British producer Russ Davies.  Russ Davies is also the artist behind Abakus. Cinnamon Chasers took off in 2010 with the song and video Luv Deluxe.  Its a great song and a really well done video, check it out:

This mix clocks in at just over a half hour, but features quality tracks from front to back.  From the first notes of the first track, you can tell this mix is going to be solid.  It goes from rowdy up-tempo dance beats to slowed down smooth grooves and back again.  Whether you're getting ready to go out or just trying to make it through Friday, this mix should get you feeling the weekend has arrived.  Enjoy!

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