Friday, March 30, 2012

Utopia 03: Ender

Let's get lost in our own thoughts today, shall we? Because it's freaking Friday. We have a lot to ponder, and aren't we all just sitting in our cubicles playing "Draw Something", bojangling for more coins WHILE actively making ourselves look like we're being productive? Some mixes are perfect for multitasking and those mixes are the ones I tend to gravitate towards at any given time of the week. Luckily for everyone, we have that for you today.

I've mentioned Hannulelauri on le blog before, but this mix is courtsey of Adams, club & restaurant Helsinki, where half of Hannu(lelauri) will be playing this Saturday. I am totally stoked for this show because even though I won't be there (unless someone can find me a teleportation device), I can at least pretend with this mix.

"Utopia 03 comes from Ender, also known as Hannu from hannulelauri. It's a vinyl-only mix and includes a couple of productions from Blawan, who is playing on Saturday along with Ender and Erkko."

I'm not sure who to describe this mix because it's definitely not a DDP, and it's not jacking-house music to get you all rowdy for the weekend. It doesn't teeter on the edge of smooth-listening either, so let's compromise and say it's "un-jacking deep house listening music".

After starting the mix, 12 minutes in really got my attention with the track by Achterbahn D'Amour, "The Middle Of (Frank Music)" with some "quirky-acid basslines" as described in this video and made me feel like I was in some kind of video game. At the 26:30 mark, "Pater Repeat" is a familiar track with minimal samples and a deep-vibe that segued nicely into Terranova's, "Boogie for a Dollar". It's super weird and I mean that in the most awesome way. I'm obsessed with their most recent album release, "Hotel Amour" and their track, "Paris is for Lovers", could totally get the attention of many because it features samples from the one and only Justin Timberlake (!!!). This 59 minute "un-jacking deep house listening music" mix rounds out nicely with an ambient techno track from 785, "Mada Theory".

So, put this mix on, grab some work and get listening. It's Friday after all, and you deserve it ;)


The Analogue Cops & Blawan - 45 Dollars (Restoration)
C-Beams - Scrapyard (Uncanny Valley)
Kresy - Lords Of Percussion (Jacob Korn Remix) (Hivern Disc)
Achterbahn D'Amour - The Middle Of (Frank Music)
Arttu - Upwards (Philpot)
Greymatter - Give It To Me Slow (Wolf Music Recordings)
Pattern Repeat - Pattern Repeat 05 (Pattern Repeat)
Terranova - Boogie For The Dollar (Kompakt)
Strategy - Bolly Valve 2000 (100% Silk)
Karenn - Chaste Down (Works The Long Nights)
Conforce - 24 (Clone Basement Series)
DJ Sotofett - Åsså Med Den Derre Fløyta (Wania)
Gonno - Acdise #2 (Skudge Feels It Vesion) (International Feel)
785 - Mada Theory (Apotek)

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