Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Billy Bogus & George Skanderbeg (B2B) - Bottega Elettrica Mix

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone involved in making last weekend’s “Disco in the Dark” a success. The dance party featured myself, DPC’s resident DJ, Remote Ctrl, and DPC friends Mr. Bonkerz and Sneakers in the Dryer:
Bonk, Sneakers, Ctrl
(Photo courtesy of Joshua Pinedo)
It was one hell of a night of dance, disco, and debauchery. Thank you D.C. You all made it such a special evening; we just provided the soundtrack!

Now back to business.

Italy’s Niccolò ”Billy Bogus” Bruni and George Skanderbeg have our “Hump Day” dance party to take us through the week’s home stretch.

Niccolò is founder of Pizzico records, a DJ, and producer with an album, Night Movie, released through Nang, and numerous other releases under his belt. His style is a quirky mixture of weird movie soundtrack, dusty Disco, and New Wave synthy

The mix is a B2B set from his resident night called “Bottega Elettrica”. You’ll hear the contrasting yet complementary track selection as the mix progresses. The familiar, and appreciated, Maxxi SoundSystem remix of Parallel Dance Ensemble’s “Shopping Cart” is a sexy energizing opener. We follow Kid Who into the spacey unknown with his take on Andrew Clarke’s “We Built This House”. The fourth track, starting at around 19 mins, is a tip of the tongue jam that I can’t name at the moment Pete Herbert's "Bells of Hackney" is one of my favorites. You have to love its lovely swinging bassline groove, funky guitar riff, and spaced out melody. It's an expansive mix in terms of the tracks. They are appropriately given time to play out and breathe, while being well selected and mixed. We’re taken on an aural trip through high energy disco weirdness and deep & sexy House. I gotta say, I really enjoyed the genre line-crossing Disco and House stuff in this mix. It’s all dance party approved; else, we wouldn’t insist you listen...immediately!

Check it:

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