Monday, April 2, 2012

Filrouge: March Mix 2012

A few months ago, I had the lofty idea to mess around with DJ controllers and teach myself how to DJ. I'm not sure why because I don't really know the first thing about it, not to mention that the mere thought of playing in front of people gives me serious anxiety. It's ideas like these though that get me searching for new tracks and artists. For example, this past January I stumbled across an awesome remix of Poolside's "Do you Believe" track.

Poolside Music - Do You Believe(Filrouge Remix 11) by Filrouge (Official)
I'm telling everyone right now that if I were to ever make a mix, I'd definitely use this track as my opener. It's the right tempo and provides the perfect landscape for a disco dance party. After doing some research, I realized the man behind the remix was Jesse Alonzo, a.k.a  Filrouge, a LA-based DJ/Producer who has been in the scene for the last few years. I can only describe his style of mixing and producing as a fresh of breath Disco air.

His March 2012 mix is nothing short of awesome, and with one look at the track list you will understand why. After listening, I scoured the Interwebz for the artists I was unfamiliar with; Ponty Mython and In Fields to be specific.

I love that Filrouge included Perseus' tropical disco hit, "Cool Runnings", because I think it got a little lost in the hype of "Running Back to You" and "Seychelles". It segued nicely into Ponty Mython's track, "Cameleon Chameleon" (Ilija Rudman Music Interp Mix). I will not disclose how long I spent looking for this online before I realized it hasn't been released yet. Womp womp.

I found myself lost in a deep and trance-y, disco heaven at 14 minutes in and never returned. The transition at 19 minutes into "This Time Around" by Softwar was flawless. Another track that stood out to me in was In Field's "Beginnings". It picks up the mix at the 34:30 mark and brings a nice funky vibe. I can't get over how good this track was; and consequently spent my night looking up anything and everything about In Fields!

I challenge you to not to become obsessed with Filrouge mix and every track inside. Start your Monday off with a disco dance party and thank me later!

Filrouge - March 2012 Mix by Filrouge (Official)


Avanti - Parallel Universe (Original Mix)
Perseus - Cool Runnings (Original Mix)
Ponty Mython - Cameleon Chameleon (Ilija Rudman Music Interp Mix)
Softwar - This Time Around (Original Mix)
Maxxi Soundsystem - Into the Future (Original Mix)
Philosophy Of Sound - Freedom, What For? (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
In Fields - Beginnings (Original Mix)
Sebastien Tellier - Cochon Ville (The Magician Remix)
Toomy Disco - Always Awake (Original Mix)
Dr. Shingo - Have You Ever Seen The Blue Comet? (Sare Havlicek Remix)


  1. Nice mix, nice blog, thanks for all this work ... from a french addict