Monday, November 7, 2011

Xinobi's Hello November Mix

I'm in a House mood again. Deal with it. B)

And at the moment, I'm liking my House deep, synthy, and filled with hi-hats.

Xinobi's "Hello November Mix" starts off smooth and sexy with House-downed interpretations of some classic disco/funk tracks. Alexis Raphael's "Kitchens and Bedrooms" jump starts the energy with it's deep and playful bass line...and the mix absolutely takes off from there! Munk's remix of "Feel the Need" (by Mirror People) maintains the soulfulness over a bouncy House beat. Then Xinobi hits us with one of his own remixes of Saarid's "Future Lately" . The pace and energy continues to build in this affair; and just after 53 minute mark (whatever that track is..ID anyone?), shit gets ridiculous! The mix closes strong and begs to be replayed. It has a more than solid track selection (not given) with mixing to match. It's deep, fun, souful at times, and rowdy at others. Enjoy!

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