Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Album Review: Space Dimension Controller - The Pathway to Tiraquon6

Today, I felt like stepping out of the box and posting about something a little bit different than normal.  I have been on a huge Nu-Disco/House kick lately, and after a week of epic DDPs, wanted to switch it up today.  I just listened to Space Dimension Controller's new album, "The Pathway to Tiraquon6."  Now if you're not familiar with Space Dimension Controller, he describes his music as Galactic Funk.  It is a very interesting approach to electronic music that gets super spacey and pretty far out there.  Space Dimension Controller (AKA Mr. 8040) is the moniquer of Irish DJ/Producer Jack Hamill.  This guy is only in his early 20s but is already making a name for himself.

"The Pathway to Tiraquon6" was released in October 2011 by R & S Records and is available to purchase here and you can stream it here.  It is definitely one of the most unique albums I have listened to in quite some time.  First of all, it was released as a prequel album to a full length album he has coming out sometime next year (listen to the end of the last track for more details about this). The first few tracks start out pretty slow, but give you an idea about the journey through space and time that this album is about to take you on.  The pace begins to pick up with the fifth track Usurper.  The sixth track, "Flight of the Escape Vessels" is probably my favorite one on the album.  The thing I really enjoyed about this album was the approach.  Using unique sound synthesis and creative track listing (see below), this album tells a story about an intergalactic adventure and sets the stage for a sequel.

Space Dimension Controller: "The Pathway to Tiraquon6"
1 Feature Presentation
2 2257 AD
3 Pulsovian Invasion
4 Last Sunset On Planet Earth
5 Usurper
6 Flight Of The Escape Vessels
7 Confined To Deep Space
8 Max Tiraquon
9 Floating Blind Through Blue Trails
10 Tiraquon’s Return (A New Home)
11 Closing Titles
If your interested in listening to some earlier material from SDC, check out the mix he did for FACT Magazine in 2010 (below).  This mix, like the album, is very unique and mixes in several different electronic styles.  A little after 11 minutes he gets into a super funky space groove that will give you an idea of what Galactic Funk is all about.  Enjoy!

1. Zapp – Computer Love
2. Jonzun Crew – Pack Jam
3. Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant
4. Space Dimension Controller – Electropod-250
5. Class Action – Weekend
6. Space Dimension Controller – Transatlantic Landing Bay
7. X-District – Color Correction (Jimmy Edgar LTNT Remix)
8. Space Dimension Controller – Mercurial Attraction
9. Space Dimension Controller – Cosmo30 Travel Duration
10. Space DImension Controller – Journey To The Core of The Sphere Unknown
(Kyle Hall’s I’m Only Breathing Remix)
11. Round One – I’m Your Brother (Club Version)
12. Model 500 – I Wanna Be There
13. Round One – I’m Your Brother (Chicago’s Twisted Mix)
14. Jamie Jones feat. Egyptian Lover – Galactic Space Bar
15. Mike Dehnert – Umlaut2 (First Version)
16. Duplex – Censory (Remix 1)
17. Der Zyklus – Formenverwandler
18. Space Dimension Controller – Fluorescent Trails

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  1. This is dope Tyler. Definitely buying this...can't wait get home, put my cans on, and zone out to this!