Friday, November 4, 2011

Winner Winner!

This is the part where we tell you who gets free tickets to the show. We know that this was focused towards DPC readers in DC, but hopefully we'll be able to host more fun contests to show our readers how much we love you and/or want to bribe you.

Congratulations, andy g. "i was a fan, i am a friend, i love to dance. send me!!!" for winning two tickets to the show this Saturday, November 5th at U Street Music Hall. Please email us at so we can put your name on the guest list.

For everyone else who entered, thank you! We hope you still go to the show; it should be a great one! And don't be afraid to come say "hi"; someone came up to me at The Magician on Wednesday night and said he read le blog, but then ran away before I could corral him for an obligatory beer shoved in his face. This is probably a good thing for me and my wallet. Let's just say someone is giving up hard liquor until further notice. #stupidshitido

It's also Morgan Geist's birthday, and I heard there's gonna be cake there. If that doesn't entice you - I don't know what will. More cake for me I guess.

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