Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Steve Jobs' creativity, drive, and vision for technology today has touched so many people's lives. I know; this post is not a DDP or an anecdote recapping a late night dance party. Are you sitting there wondering why I am posting about death, and not about music? Well, I don't think that the death of Steve Jobs is that far off from the music spectrum of things.

If you are commuting on your way to work, what are you using for your music?
  • Probably an iPod or your iPhone... Or maybe a cd that you burned off of iTunes
If you are listening to music at a party, what are you using?
  • Probably iTunes, an Apple laptop, or an iPod
If you are first dabbling into music and own a Mac, what are you using?
  • Probably Garageband
If you are working out at the gym and need some music to listen to, what are you using?
  • Probably an iPod, maybe the shuffle?
If you are pretty technology "unfriendly" and want to be considered cool, what are you using?
  • Probably a MacBook, iTunes AND an iPhone (oh wait, that's me)
Tons of artists also have Podcasts that you can find through iTunes as well
  • iTunes has also allows artists (famous and not famous) a chance to promote, sell, and offer music to fans. While Apple takes a lot of this profit, I think the music industry has stayed fairly strong in part because of iTunes.
  • Many music producers and DJs use Logic Studio as a platform for mixing, editing and creating music; Logic is exclusively for Macs.

I think you get the idea.

While people may knock Apple for trying to be trendy or maybe too user-friendly, it doesn't really matter because hello!, that's the beauty of choice. But I do not think one can deny that Jobs shaped technology for the entire world, and ultimately many peoples' lives. He left an Apple footprint behind, and in essence, truly embodied the branding of Apple. Maybe you don't like Apple - that's okay. Nobody assumes you do, and Jobs certainly did not, but if I leave this earth loving my job and so passionate about what I was doing. Then yea, I know I lived my life right. And so did Steve Jobs.

And I'm not leaving you with a great dance party, but here's a video of Steve Job's giving the commencement speech at Stanford University to the 2005 graduates.

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