Thursday, October 6, 2011

The C90s October Chart Mix

The C90s released their October chart mix last night and its a really good one. I'm a big fan of the second song "Dystopia" by Yacht and really dig the Emporer Machine remix. The next track, "Red Light", comes off of Gigamesh's self titled debut EP that will be released the 11th of this month. At this point, the mix slows down into some very diggable slower grooves. About midway through the mix, when Jan Diver's "Commercial" drops, the mix goes into full on DDP mode. The last track of the mix, "Parfait Tirage" is by the up and coming french DJ duo, Paradis and it is quite enjoyable. This 80 minute mix is great from front to back and a superb way to start off your Thursday. Enjoy!

October Chart Mix by TheC90s

Ron Basejam - Looter
Yacht - Dystopia (Emperor Machine Remix)
Gigamesh - Red Light
Cherokee - Take Care Of You
Edit Murphy - Mercy
Honom - Bedcat
Tornado Wallace - Rainbow Road
Bag Raiders - Not Over (Softwar Remix)
The Noodleman - Pickle Juice (Morning After)
Jan Driver - Commercial
Crazy P - Open For Service (Hot Toddy remix)
Gay Marvine - Doyouwannafuck? Do You?
David Woods - 1 00 00
MAM Edit - Bedroom Dancer
Miguel Campbell - Kiss & Tell
When Saints Go Machine - Fail Forever (Broke One Remix)
Roman Flugel - Dishes & Wishes
Tanner Ross - 4U
Paradis - Parfait Tirage

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