Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Tale of Procrastibaking

Procrastibaking. Have you heard of it?

It is the act of baking sweet confections and having dance parties in your kitchen when you have other things you need to do. Like packing because you are traveling to Charlotte and New Orleans. Working out because you have a race in 3 weeks. Finding/buying black flats cause you can't wear tennis shoes to a conference. Taking your dress clothes to the dry cleaners so you don't look like a ragamuffin at your work conference.

So instead of doing any of the above mentioned tasks, I did the next logical thing and baked cookies. I know I talk a lot about cupcakes on this MUSIC blog, but can we please take a moment to admire these cookies in their freaking brown butter, coconut, dark chocolate cherry (I added those on a whim) goodness?!

These are literally the best darn cookies I have ever made in my life
, and I'd like to thank my stress levels, craving for sweets, this man, and this mix for aiding me in my endeavors. I must be honest though, I started this a little after the baking project started, but watch out for 22 minutes in, I LOVE that song by Larse himself.

So, thanks Larse, for the kitchen dance party. It was truly a rager, and I'm only sorry I don't know German - because apparently that's the language you need to know how to read what you to learn more about you.**

LarseMix_12_2010 by Larse

1. Life (Original Mix) - Outmode
2. Without U - Nicholas
3. Don't look any Further (SJ & Chris Jyllke Reconstruction) - M-People
4. Congolal - Tensnake
5. The More I Want - Larse
6. Night Flight - Satin Jackets
7. Age Of The Jaguar - Toomy Disco
8. In The City - Martin Dawson & Andre Crom
9. Costa Verde - Space Ranger
10. Point 0 (Chopstick & Johnjon Mix) - Trickski
11. Stranded - Iron Curtis
12. Makin' a Livin' - African Dream

**I actually tried looking up more information on Larse, and really couldn't find anything other than where he was from (Dortmund, Germany), so if anyone has any other information (!!!) let me know. I'm really curious.


  1. I vote for more heady baking posts

  2. Be careful what you wish for : )

    **have fun in DC this weekend!!!!