Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Mix series! Cassian Presents:Mix #1 Ava & Emery

I like this mix...a lot.

Here's a convenient checklist as to why:
[x] Sexy Deep/Jackin' House
[x] Dirty Synth
[x] Contains Tracks & Artists I haven't heard before
[xx] Makes me want to dance!

This is apparently the first of a new series presented by Cassian (who recently did a very nice remix of Lou Teti's "I know the way"). The mix was done (and done well) by Ava & Emery; two associates of Cassian from what I could gather from his description. But whoever they are, they've crafted a great House mix for our enjoyment.

Cassian Presents Mix #01 - Ava & Emery by cassian

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