Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Magician - Magic Tape Fifteen!

I love how the Magician always releases his mixes first thing in the morning (for those of us in the States that is). It's always nice to wake and see that there's a fresh set of jams from "El Magico. As usual, the DPC favorite DJ/Producer has something special arranged for us. At the start, it takes a slight turn away from NuDisco and with some genre bending material. No tracklist, so it's up to the faithful listeners to reveal the method behind his "magic". There's some exclusives in there as you may have come to expect. I really dig the dirty synth bassline on the track at around 6 minutes. There's a remix (not sure by whom) of his recently released track "I Don't Know What To Do". The second half of mix gets deep and soulful with hint of House flavor. To close, there's a really spacey Italo-Disco track.Yup, another solid one from the Magician. I like the variety he's been showing within his past few mixes. It's making me that much more excited for his upcoming U.S. tour.

Magic Tape Fifteen by TheMagician

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