Monday, September 12, 2011

My Friends are Talented

I attempted to stay in this past weekend to be responsible. But somehow between a date with the treadmill (cardio disco party), the 2+ hours of shopping for black flats for work (epic fail), frustration (because of said fail), iced coffee (I have a caffeine addiction, and I'm not afraid to admit it), and baking pumpkin whoopie pies (holy yum!), I still found myself at the 9:30 Club.

I guess I'll blame my 9:30 Club appearance on the fact that I decided (WILLINGLY) to sit-out on Virgin Mobile Free Fest. This decision was after telling myself that last year's Free Fest was not very free (I like beer and fun?), and I'd probably fair better staying in DC. #asiangirlproblems

So there I was, in DC, realizing that my friends were dance partying it up with James Murphy, Empire of the Sun, Calvin Harris and Cee-Lo (don't act like you wouldn't want to see him.) and I came to this realization: music is ingrained into my brain. I love to see it. I love to write about it. I love to talk about it. And I certainly enjoy dancing to it. Okay, Okay - I like drinking to it, too. And although I am ALL about some music, there are some things that I cannot do with it.

Beat match. Song choice. Transition. DJ.

I think you get the idea. It takes someone with dedication, patience, and a knack for music to really be successful with DJ'ing (in my book), and I truly believe I have some talented friends and acquaintances. It actually boggles my mind knowing how many of my friends are so freaking talented because then there's me: that girl running around the dance floor twirling. With Natty Boh in both hands.

DPC readers are probably not aware that Rashad (Remote Ctrl) has recently delved into the DJ realm, and has hit the ground running. The only complaint that I had of this mix was that it ended and it left me wanting more. I think the song choice alone should give you an idea of what to expect (read: AWESOMENESS. DANCE PARTIES. HAPPINESS). And around the 7'ish minute mark I felt as though I was in some kind of disco Mario Party (Nintendo should really get on that idea) that included the perfect amounts of beeps and boops to contrast some questionable lyrics (uhhh, Rashad?!)

The transitions throughout the mix were impressive. I love when DJs can pretty much segue into a song while I'm lost and entranced in the beat, leaving me to wonder where one song stopped and another started because it was transitioning into the next part. I especially loved the section from "New Life" into "I Don't Know" at the 15 minute mark; it was the right amount of downtempo laced into some spacey beats. And do I really need to say anything about the ending? Rashad included Moonlight Matters' Remix of "Painted Eyes" and ended the mix with a great bouncy, disco remix by Space Ranger.

Please take a listen to the mix, and not just because Rashad is like my best friend forever. Seriously! You should take a listen because it's a good one, I promise you will not be disappointed - except at the very end when it ends.

Feelin Hot Minimix (End of Summer 2011) by Remote Ctrl

Flight Facilities - Feelin
Lou Teti - I know the way (Toomy Disco Vocal Remix)
Cassius - The Sound of Violence (Aeroplane Remix)
Mario Basanov - Just think about (Social Disco Club Remix)
Jeremy Glenn - New Life (Perseus Summer of 83 Remix)
Casual Encounters & ODahl - I Don't Know (Original Mix)
Hercules and Love Affair - Painted Eyes (Moonlight Matters Remix)
DJ Agent 86 - So Hot (Space Ranger Remix)


  1. Oh YAY!! I can't wait to listen to this later!

    Also, I had a hard time hunting for some flats a few months ago. My problem was I just wanted some plain shoes that would just go with whatever and I didn't have to think about them in the AM. And that's hard to find. This is what I settled on, best $13 I evah spent. They're comfy too! And now, thanks that search I just did, I figured out they come in glitter,, which I will own soon.

    HAHA So, hope that helps? Mayyybeee??

    Also, pumpkin whoopie pies sounds fab. Recipe, please?

  2. YAY! You will definitely like!

    THANK YOU! I'm super, super picky about shoes especially flats cause I can't seem to find any that fit my feet or look good, UGH. But I'm gonna try and go to a Target now :)

    Recipe: (and you'll be happy to know I grated nutmeg into the frosting!)

  3. Thanks for the support BT! YOU are the BEST :D When you're done listening to MagicTape 15...check out what I put together last night!