Thursday, September 1, 2011

Micah Vellian - Sound of Everything Mix Vol.1

Here's something a little different for you all from D.C.'s Micah Vellian. As the title suggests, this mix has a little of everything in it. Indie dance, Nu/Disco, and House tracks are mixed and chosen well. It's a very dynamic mix with shifts in tempo and vibe. I think it all comes together nicely and shows Vellian's versatility. It's like he's saying, "I'm going to make you dance, by any means necessary". Check out the tracklist there's some familiar stuff there. The Torro Torro remix of Jeremy Glenn's "New Life" was a new and very welcomed track for me. Oh, and Mario Basanov's "Lonely Days" made me rewind the mix so I could re-jam-out to it. It's all good stuff from start to finish!

Micah Vellian - Sound of Everything Mix Vol.1 by Micah Vellian

Micha Vellian is 1/3 of Volta Bureau; who DPC will hitting the dance floor with this Saturday at U Street Music Hall. The event is a release party for their debut single "Hope".

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