Friday, August 19, 2011

En Route to ID Festival

We're en route to Identity Festival!!!! And if you didn't know that, I can only act offended because that means you've actively ignored our posts regarding our fun weekend ahead. It's okay though, you can make it up to me by sending me these. I'll take five.

Maybe you're sad you can't make it to one of the 20 cities Identity Festival is taking over. It's okay, DPC has you covered. It's rumored that we have press passes for tomorrow (Oh Dear God - this can only mean trouble), and are able to do cool things people do when they have press passes. Stay tuned for some posts about cool things we were able to do with these press passes. If I say press pass one more time, will you be annoyed?

I'm pretty sure you can count on some gems next week. Rashad has some great ideas and I can't wait for him to share them with you! And because I already know myself, you'll probably get at least one, if not two, posts about something stupid I did. Because let's be honest, I'm going to be drunk bear at least for some of the festival, and will only be able to express my experience in "OMGs" and words like shiny or beep and boop.

It's a good thing Rashad is smart and can eloquently describe music or this blog would be all about "Crazy Penis" and feature pictures with bunnies with pancakes on their heads.

I'm leaving you with two mixes. The first one is a Munk mix (Gomma love love!) That's all I'll say about that - I'll let the mix do the talking.

The Ambitious C Mixtape Series - Munk
01. Mobroder (Spankrock x Blu Jemz x DJ Hoff) – “Rush (In Flagranti Remix)”
02. Reverso 68 – “Earthy Powers”
03. Bananarama – “More Than Physical (Garage Mix)”
04. Fernando 68 – “Dont Stop (DJ Kaos Remix)”
05. Moullinex – “Sunflare”
06. Munk – “Can I Have Your Attention (KING DJ Edit)”
07. Munk – “Rue De Rome”
08. Capablanca & T.Keeler – “No Hay Ritmo”
09. Rashaan
10. Munk – “Mis Labios”
11. Telonius – “Now”
12. Mirror People – “Feel The Need (Munk Remix)”
13. The Barking Dogs – “2″
14. Esperanza – “Sirena”

The second mix I'm putting up is by Zimmer. I love Zimmer!!! Like a lot. And if you want to partake in a daytime disco party, this is for you.

Zimmer - Les Grandes Vacances | Summer Mixtape by Zimmer

Will Smith - Summertime
Carly Simon - Why
Korallreven - Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix)
Sade - When Am I Going To Make A Living (Poolside's Ton Of Drums Edit)
Body Language - Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix)
Convertion - Let's Do It (Tom Francis Edit)
Stephanie Mills - You Can't Run From Love
Rogue Vogue - Breezy
Raheem De Vaughn - I Don't Care (Roy Love Remix)
Moullinex - Sunflare
Marc Ronson & The Business INTL - Record Collection (Perseus Remix)
Moon Boots - Gopherit
Oliver - I Need You
Mickey ft Colonel Abrams - Trapped
Justin Faust - Girl Talk
Theophilius London - Flying Overseas (Soul Clap Efunk Mix)
C├ęcile - Il Corpo
Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat Jess Higgs
Toto - Georgy Porgy

Enjoy your Friday and listen to these DDPs cause I say so, and stay tuned for some recaps after the weekend!!!

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